Feeling overwhelmed because your posts and account aren’t getting the engagements you deserve? You’re not alone. Many of us worry about not hitting the mark on our profiles despite all the hard work we put in.

Making a mark on platforms like Instagram can be challenging with so many users vying for attention. That’s where IGInstant steps in with its top-notch Instagram services.

But what exactly is IGInstant, and does it live up to its promise of delivering high-quality Instagram followers and likes that can boost your popularity?

Let’s dive into the details to understand how it works and whether it’s a reliable choice.

What is IGInstant?

IGInstant is your go-to platform for buying authentic Instagram followers. They offer a range of genuine Instagram growth services, including followers, likes, views, and comments. What sets IGInstant apart is its focus on, active users, making it a breeze for you to enhance your Instagram presence quickly and effectively.

And the best part? Getting started is simple – all you need is your email ID and Instagram username. No sensitive information like your Instagram password is required.

Key Features: 

  • High-Quality Followers
  • Instant Start
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Privacy Protection
  • Diverse Packages
  • Free Trial Option

Is IGInstant Legit?

Yes, IGInstant is a trusted and legitimate website for Instagram growth. They have been offering Instagram services for more than 7 years, establishing authority in the social media growth arena. With a 4.2-star rating on Trustpilot, many users are satisfied with their services.

Unlike other platforms that rely on automated bots, IGInstant provides active followers, ensuring your account stays safe and authentic.

Overall, everything looks good with IGInstant. However, they only offer Instagram services. If you’re looking for services for other social media platforms, you’ll need to find another legitimate provider.

So, rest assured that using IGInstant won’t put your account at risk of being banned from Instagram.

My Experience with IGinstant

Many websites on the internet offer social media services, but we cannot trust every other site. That’s why we did our work and tried IGinstant to check whether they offer quality or not. 

We purchased their 1000 Instagram followers package and purchased Instagram Likes as well. After completing the payment, we received an invoice, and we were waiting to receive the followers.

After around 7 minutes, we started receiving followers & Likes. Then, our work begins to judge their quality.

We were testing, and we were amazed by the quality of likes; they really offer good quality services and the best customer support. 

So, after a few months, we experienced a drop in followers by 10 to 15 followers. We then contacted them to see whether they would resolve this or not, and guess what? We got a response within 2 hours, and they fixed the issue immediately.

I have tried Instagram services from other websites, too, but they have yet to respond and resolve the issue this fast. 

Overall, IGinstant is best if you are looking for instant follower growth; if you are still trying to figure out the quality, please ask them for a free trial or visit their free trial page, and they will deliver it.


IGInstant offers a range of packages tailored to different needs and budgets. Prices start as low as $1.99 for 100 followers and go up to $499 for 100k followers. Customized packages are also available to suit your specific requirements.

IGinstant Pricing:

  •  100 Instagram followers – $1.99
  •  250 Instagram followers – $3.99
  •  500 Instagram followers – $7.99
  •  1000 Instagram followers – $12.99
  •  5000 Instagram followers – $39.99
  • 10000 Instagram followers – $58.99

Final Thought

After using IGinstant for a Month, I can say it’s a great tool for growing on Instagram. You get instant followers, likes, and reel views, all in one place, Their customer service is amazing, and they offer the best prices in the market, When it comes to getting followers, likes, and views on Instagram, IGinstant is my go-to choice. It’s been the most reliable and effective tool I’ve used.


Does buying followers actually work? 

Yes, buying followers can help you grow fast on Instagram. However, it also depends on the quality of the content you provide to your followers. Your profile’s popularity can open doors to collaborations and sponsorships.

What is the best website for Instagram growth? 

IGInstant stands out as one of the best platforms for Instagram growth due to its focus on authenticity, quality and customer support.

Is it illegal to buy followers?

Buying followers itself isn’t illegal, but using bots or other automated means to inflate your follower count is against Instagram’s terms of service. IGInstant offers real followers, ensuring compliance and authenticity.

So, why wait? Grow your Instagram game with IGInstant’s top-notch services and Make your profile Popular!


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