When redecorating your kitchen, the color choices you make can have a significant impact on your overall wellbeing and sense of comfort in the space. The kitchen is often the heart of the home, where we nourish ourselves both physically and mentally, so it’s important to consider how the colors can influence our mood and mindset.

Here are 5 colors to consider for your kitchen makeover that can actively promote wellbeing:

Classic Beige

Beige hues are known for their calming, soothing effects. This timeless color can help create a relaxed, serene atmosphere in your kitchen, reducing stress and anxiety. Walls, countertops and cabinets all suit this colour, while there are plenty of beige kitchen tile ideas out there too. Beige also has a natural ability to make a space feel more open and spacious, which can positively impact your mental and emotional wellbeing.

Soft Grey

Similar to the beige kitchen tiles ideas, soft grey tones have a sophisticated, tranquil vibe that can foster a sense of peace and balance in the kitchen. This versatile color pairs well with a variety of materials, allowing you to curate a calming, cohesive design that soothes the senses.

Navy Blue

While a bolder choice, navy blue can actually have a grounding, stabilizing effect. This rich color has been shown to inspire feelings of trust, confidence and security – important factors for our overall wellbeing. Pair navy with accents of brass or gold for an elevated, luxurious look.

Earthy Greens

Connect with nature by bringing through shades of sage, olive and forest green can have a profoundly positive impact on our mental health and emotional state. These organic hues help create a soothing, restorative ambiance that can alleviate stress and promote a sense of calm.

Warm Terracotta

The warmth and character of terracotta tones can make a kitchen feel incredibly inviting and cozy. This earthy color triggers feelings of comfort and homeliness, encouraging us to slow down, relax and truly savor our time in the kitchen. Pair terracotta with natural wood elements for a harmonious, well-being boosting design.

By thoughtfully selecting colors that nurture our wellbeing, we can transform the kitchen into a truly restorative and rejuvenating space. Consider how these hues make you feel, and let that guide your kitchen makeover for a space that nourishes both body and mind.

Redecorating your kitchen can really add a new lease of life to a home. It’s one of the spaces in a home where you can add real character, whether you’re looking to create something more traditional, or go all in on modernity, with the latest tech and gadgets.

Whatever the space, one of the most important aspects of a kitchen is its colour scheme. The colour can really reflect the type of kitchen it is, some providing a relaxed and traditional vibe, others offering energy and vibrancy. 

Colour trends are also useful to keep an eye on, so if you are looking to redecorate your kitchen, here are five colours you should consider…

Classic Beige

Beige has long been a popular choice, with kitchens in this shade exuding a timeless elegance as well as promoting a sense of spaciousness.

Walls, countertops and cabinets all suit this colour, while there are plenty of beige kitchen tile ideas out there too. 

Pairing with natural wood accents can really add to a traditional kitchen, while sleek, stainless steel appliances can create a more modern look.

It’s a relaxed tone that works well with other colours and, ultimately, will never go out of style. 

Soft Grey

Soft grey tones provide a more sophisticated look for your kitchen, and similarly to beige provides a calming backdrop and atmosphere to a kitchen. 

It pairs well with a wide range of different materials, including wood, stainless steel and marble, making it one of the more versatile colours for a kitchen. 

Consider this colour for walls, cabinets and darker accents for countertops, and you’ll have yourself a classy and contemporary new kitchen.

Navy Blue

For something a little more striking, consider navy blue as the primary colour. Going against the tradition somewhat, navy colours will add a more luxurious feel to your kitchen, whether it be on the walls or the colour of cabinets. 

Pair the colour with brass or gold fixtures and fittings, while lighter coloured backsplashes and countertops to complete the look and enjoy a kitchen that’s incredibly modern, and that little bit different.

Earthy Greens

There are several colours that can help you connect with nature and shades of sage, olive and forest green can really bring that calming and organic ambiance. 

Combining greens with natural wood can aid in creating a more rustic looking kitchen, while using green as an accent colour in tiles can really add freshness to your space. 

Warm Terracotta

Terracotta and warm earth tones are making a comeback in kitchen design, adding warmth and character to the space. Terracotta tiles or accents can infuse your kitchen with a Mediterranean-inspired aesthetic.

Pair terracotta with creamy neutrals like off-white or beige to create a harmonious colour palette. Consider incorporating wooden elements and woven textures to enhance the rustic appeal.

Terracotta adds a sense of cosiness and depth to your kitchen, making it an inviting and unique choice for those seeking a warm and welcoming atmosphere.


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