Today’s teenagers, named Generation Z, grow up in the digital age and have had access to the Internet since childhood. Not surprisingly, they set their own social media trends, including in the interior decorating industry. What youth trends are now ruling in the rooms of teenagers? Let’s get a look.

Instagram on the wall

The desire to express oneself through external attributes and the need to hang something on the wall of one’s room is inherent in almost every teenager. Therefore, it is recommended to choose a neutral finish for children’s bedrooms, without a prominent theme. A room with a neutral design, as a child grows up, will be able to easily fill with posters, collages, and photographs, and then shed them like leaves in autumn to make room for new ones, because the taste of a growing organism is usually changeable.

A trendy way to decorate a wall in a teen bedroom is to turn it into an Instagram collage. Photos can be placed symmetrically to look like a real Instagram page. Moreover, Polaroid pictures have come back into fashion, which can be best suited for this purpose.

Photos can be interspersed with magazine clippings and posters. Photos can be creatively placed on the wall using buttons and a corkboard or clothespins that can be attached to, for example, macrame or metal mesh. The most trendy option is electric garlands with built-in clothespins. Such a decorative technique will definitely appeal to a teenager more than a photo in a banal frame.

Neon world

“Signs” made of flexible neon have returned to fashion largely thanks to modern bloggers who actively use colored light to create photo and video content.

This trend may not take root in your serious living room, but the youth audience warmly takes it. And no wonder: the character of neon light is rebellious. And it also makes it possible to control the atmosphere of the room, changing it to suit your mood.

If neon lights in a bright color reminiscent of bars and nightclubs are too much for you, opt for “signs” with a warm yellow light or in a neutral color spectrum.

New bohemia

Relaxed boho interiors have been on the trend list for the past five years, but are not of much interest to older generations who are more likely to trust classic styles or modern minimalism. But for teenagers, such a hippie environment impresses and is very suitable.

Macrame, dream catchers, fringes, feathers, houseplants, candles, aroma lamps – in the decorative abundance of the boho style there is room for creative thought to unfold.

An army of decorative pillows that can be safely scattered across the floor, carpets, rugs, mats, and blankets will make the room warm and tactile: there is where to lie and dream, cry to sad tracks or get together with friends.

Another plus (or maybe minus) of the boho style for a teenage bedroom: any mess in such an interior can be safely called creative.

All for show

As you know, in a teenager’s room, the best closet is a chair. Satisfy the teenage desire to hang things around the room – get an open storage system. This budget youth trend will teach order and let imagination flow because the clothes themselves in this case can act as decor. To find stylish furniture that can take this role you can search it at crown mark.

It is not necessary to refuse the good old and understandable wardrobes. The entire basic wardrobe of a teenager can be hidden behind their facades. On open floor hangers, you can place only a part of things, for example, clothes for a week, things that are used more often than others, or only accessories.

Green friends

The trend to abundantly decorate the interior with indoor plants cannot be called exclusively youth. It is interesting in the “green” trend that even young people have not bypassed it, because it would seem that flower pots crowding on the windowsills have always been the lot of the older generation.

If you look at things optimistically, you can see in the love of buzzers for houseplants a willingness to take responsibility and a desire to connect with nature – valuable qualities for a new generation.

The most fashionable representatives of the plant world among teenagers: monstera, pilea, alocasia, ferns, rubber plants, cacti, and succulents. The last two candidates for the role of a “green” pet are good for their unpretentiousness, they will survive in the room of not even the most responsible representative of Generation Z.

No longer a child, not yet an adult: the interior of a teenage bedroom has its own trends and its own rules, the main of which is to take into account the opinion of its owner. For a teenager, the process of self-expression in a living space is very important. In addition, participation in decorating a room will teach him or her to make his own decisions, and it will help you to get to know your child better.


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