Bridge loans provide borrowers with fast rent loans at the cost of high-interest rates, including some sort of collateral rush. Most uses of bridge loans are observed in the real estate sectors where the loan is required to construct the property.

In addition, the loan can be used to purchase raw materials, equipment, and other requirements to initiate the construction process.

Bridge loans are mostly short-term loans ranging from 12 months to 24 months and require substantial collateral, which can result in high risk if not handled accurately.

The loan amount is highly dependent on the factors relating to the customer’s credit score and ability to repay. Rental bridge loans are also popular in Texas which allow property owners to receive a fast rental loan based solely off their future rental income.

Eligibility Required For Bridge Loan

The loan amount is dependent on the factors related to the borrower’s ability to repay. Bridge loans can be sizable, up to $2 million in most cases. The borrower will be introduced to a substantial amount of collateral damage if they fail to repay either on a required time or a required amount.

In the case of real estate, the builder who is looking to acquire new land will have the buildings as collateral. Then the loan provider will provide the loan according to the value of that collateral.

The bridge loan is often supported by supporting equity financing. An organization or company will apply for hard money in order to use that cash in payrolls, rent, and other expenses until an equity fund is raised. This way, a company will have enough time to continue its functionalities.

How Does Bridge Loan Work? 

A bridge loan will help the homeowners or a company purchase another home or land while they wait to sell their current assets. Borrowers of a bridge loan will use the equity in their current homes as a means to make a down payment.

A bridge loan will provide the borrower extra time while they continue their purchase and maintain a cash flow. However, in most cases, lenders will provide the borrowers with bridge loans only when they possess great credit and very low debt-to-income ratios.

Benefits Of Bridge Loan In Texas 

While applying for a bridge loan can be overwhelming, there are several benefits of a bridge loan in the Texas region.

Quick Cash 

You can arrange a bridge loan incredibly quickly than any other loan proceedings. It will fulfill your financial needs faster. In the U.S., a bridge loan is approved almost within 24-48 hours.

This will maintain a quick cash flow in emergencies. In addition, the lenders will approve your access to the loan without having to look at your lending history, credit scores, or income proof. A bridge loan is mostly asset-backed, and thus the lenders will not need to access personal information.

However, the loan will be provided against the value of your asset.

No Fees

When you are granted a bridge loan, you are expected to pay it after a few weeks or months. The interest rate is higher in the case of bridge loans, but it is affordable when you are paying back on time.

The lender will provide a detailed structure regarding how to return the money with interest. There will be no veil while applying for a bridge loan from credible sources.

Potential Of A Bridge Loan

The bridge loan is mostly offered in case of property purchase. The loan is often granted on the basis of no inquiry or questionnaires. Unlike traditional loans, the lender will only require access to the asset against which you will propose your bridge loan.

It is easier to get as there are several private banks and commercial banks who work as lenders in order to provide bridge loans. These legitimate lenders will not need any personal documents or financial viability proof in order to grant you the loan money.

Private lenders like Actium can provide substantial loan money when needed. They are determined to fulfill the borrower’s instant cash need by providing them with immediate cash.

However, the borrower has to be aware of the interest rates relating to the bridge loan, which can come as front charges, administration fees, title fees, appraisal fees, lender legal fees, and more.

In addition, if you lend from a non credible lender, you can face financial loss. So, it would help if you evaluated before applying for a bridge loan.


People have a prosperous lifestyle in Texas; they buy and sell properties daily. Therefore, a bridge loan can be an essential source of quick money for borrowers.


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