Pininfarina or Carrozzeria Pininfarina is an Italy based product design firm that was established in 1930 by an automobile designer named Battista “Pinin” Farina. The company was based on automobile designing though in recent years they have designed and done research in the field of transportation, lifestyle products, and architecture. They have made a significant contribution in the field of the automobile by designing the World’s first electric hyper-performance GT which allows the car to accelerate from 0 km/hr to 100 km/hr in less than 2 seconds. The designs and products have the core values of elegance, purity, and innovation which makes them stand out.

1. AutonoMIA

To improve the quality of driving, to give the user interface of the driving experience of a car, and to make a significant impact on society, Pininfarina made their latest mark in the field of Automotive. They collaborated with ART, the Umbrian company who provided the hardware and all the needed middleware. The application software for all the electronic subsystems is developed by SIILI AUTO and realization of the seats, dashboard, dashboard inserts, including rotating part, steering wheel in leather and Centre console, cockpit floor is designed and developed by ARAS. 

2. Modular E-mobility Solutions

In the target to make a modular structure for SUV, Sedan, and MPV, Pininfarina, Bosch, and BENTELER collaborated to make Rolling Chassis for each car type. This E-mobility solution will let the car manufacturers around the world design Rolling Chassis with much ease and innovation. Integrated crash management, flexible and scalable battery pack as well as integrated thermal management, all these mechanical integrations in the Rolling Chassis is brought by BENTELER and Bosch developed the electrical and electronic components and subsystems (e.g. vehicle controller, electric drives, steering and braking systems) including the software and systems integration and services for safety and security.

3. Battista

Automobili Pininfarina made their mark in the field of Automotive with Battista, an electric hypercar which has power and torque of 1,900 hp and 2,300 Nm. The aerodynamic design and the World’s first electric hyper-performance GT gives the car excellent acceleration. This car is named after the founder Battista “Pinin” Farina, founder of Carrozzeria Pininfarina who always dreamt of a car that would boast world-beating performance, technological innovation, and elegant styling.

4. De Rosa SK Pininfarina

Pininfarina developed a bike with a contemporary character and dynamic design for the company De Rosa. The design of the bike is based on the logo of De Rosa and through semiotic study. This bike is highly innovative and technologically advanced from the previous bike which was designed in 2015.

5. Airbus Corporate Jets 350XWB

Pininfarina with collaboration with AMAC Aerospace designed the interior of an airplane to improve the onboard experience of the passengers. The interior of Airbus Corporate Jets 350XWB comprises multifunctional spaces, bars, lounge, and space for meeting with a big screen to enjoy the project and outside scene. The dynamic design allows the client to enjoy their private and working moments with the seamless flow of the design.

6. Aurea

In collaboration with Rossinavi, Pininfarina designed a super-yacht of 70m whose design is derived from the lines of the sea and integrating tell-tale fluidity of Pininfarina’s style. It consists of two swimming pools, three large outdoor decks, and additional water-level access on both sides of the hull. There are also spaces for sailing and many interesting features to give good onboard experiences.

7. Excem

Keeping the well being of human beings and sustainability into account Pininfarina designed Excem, 38 exclusive residential units of 250 to 550m2 with very low density and very high-quality services. The building is designed according to BREEAM and WELL criteria which will promote health and well-being among the residents. The building has a 20,000 m2 zone of luxuriant green surrounding the 3,000 m2 residential plot which will contribute to the lowering of carbon footprint. The Excem is characterized for its executive terrace with an infinity pool and a lobby of 16 m high-ceilinged atrium. The leisure activity spaces include a private club with a culinary area, a special purpose events room, a reading room, a movie theatre, a game room for children, a SPA, a heated indoor pool, a climbing wall, and a gym.

8. Dealership of Future

Technological advancement is what drives us towards the future, Pininfarina and Mahindra on the occasion of Auto Expo in New Delhi presented the concept Dealership of Future. Here the customer will get an experience of the car through Tablet Assistant, Digital Lounge and Digital Transaction Zone, Virtual Reality Zone, and Multi-touch table with RFID object recognition which will enable the customer to get immersive visual car experiences and product guidance.