Nextlinks – Social Indoor Golf Experience By Spacialists

Architects: Spacialists
Status: Concept


SPACIALISTS is an architectural visualization company that focuses on all aspects of realistic virtual reality. Our team utilizes state-of-the-art gaming technologies to provide real estate building and marketing solutions. We collaborate with entrepreneurs, commercial developers, home owners, architects, interior designers and builders… transforming reverie into reality. Tell us what you’re working on.


Here’s a bio on SPACIALISTS and CEO, Philip Oloo:

Philip Oloo has been working within the architectural community for over 15 years and founded SPACIALISTS as a 3D rendering firm in 2012. Under his leadership the company has expanded into the premiere Virtual Reality firm in Los Angeles focused on architecture. Philip holds a BS in design from The Art Institute and a Masters in Construction from The New School of Architecture. Leading the way in real estate marketing, Philip envois passion into every project by fostering a commitment to innovation, employee engagement, and a client-centric culture.

Here’s a bio on Nextlinks and CEO, Dave Shultz:

A southern California native and summa cum laude graduate from California Polytechnic State University, Dave Shultz spent more than two decades as an electrical engineer and operations executive at General Electric. As an aviation electronics technician in the United States Navy, Shultz discovered a knack for problem solving on the avionics systems of A-6 and F/A-18 aircrafts. A seasoned technologist, he was also a key team member on the Boeing 787 development project while at General Electric. In the Spring of 2015, Shultz followed his passion for golf and began working full-time to realize his vision for NextLinks and REALiTEE Golf, immersive golf experiences designed to make golf accessible to beginners as well as seasoned golfers.


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