Products are part of a new wave of designers focusing on eco-friendly design and finding an outcome to many issues. A broad spectrum of issues are to be high-lightened by the idea of unused materials and their overlooked alternate uses.

RTF Sustainability Awards 2017
First Award | Category: Product Design (Built)

Architect: Manoj Patel
Country: India

Reinventing and reinterpreting the vernacular to co-exist in the contemporary world is a dilemma of many designers. In India, an abundance of traditional materials and methods in architecture and design is at risk of dying out if not revived with new life being infused. We zeroed in on traditional clay roof tiles, abundantly available, even to reuse and recycle when old structures are pulled down; this also offers local craftsmen the dignity of employment. Exploring the potential of the humble tiles, they are used in hitherto unimagined ways.

Sliding Screens dwells modules(2’x1’2″x1.5″) in various patterns, with very low energy consumption and cost effective by exploring different pattern possibilities as per designers creativity. Innovative screens can be adjusted as per climatic requirement. The ingress of natural light is also facilitated, along with creating distinct shadow patterns. Not like ordinary jali that need moulds to be prepared first and hence solidifying bundle of similar patterns where moulds become a part of waste.

Clay roof tile modulations evoking from clay to clay-pot is painstakingly executed as vertical plantation. Unlike regular clay pots-a typical balcony element, the clay roof tiles have morphed into sculpturesque 3-dimensional wall cladding in a balcony wall which creates pockets to hold small plants as in a green wall, newspapers, mug or bottles that are immediate requirements in balcony. There is a deftly balance of artificial light and colour which enthrals the night ambience of balcony.

The form of the material and the play of voids creates shadows on its own surface, enhancing the thermal comfort inside a space. Hence can be used in an exterior cladding and even as a compound wall.

These are extremely endurable making of artifacts by exploring different pattern possibilities and creating sturdy composition from two piece of waste clay roof tile. Tiles are cut and stacked against each other creating modules that has multiple display options and can even add on utilities as flower-pot, mobile-stand, visiting-card stand, pen-stand, etc. New, bright and flavourful colour palette are incorporated in the artifacts.

These prototypes exemplifies finding new uses for clay roof tile in day-to-day life and inspire future creators to enrich life using traditional clay roof tiles by finding further solutions to better shape our society.

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