Design a tropical boutique hotel destination that draws the public in and fosters social connection through the use of different outdoor spaces that in turn support a range of hospitality experiences connected to an array of different natural environments.

RTF Sustainability Awards 2017
First Award | Category: Hospitality (Built)

Architect: Carlos Arnaiz
Team Members: Laura del Pino, Shelby Ponce, Tzu-yin Wang, Yvonne Demitra Konstantinidis
Country: United States

Our ambition was to rethink the concept of a boutique hotel and tropical architecture for the 21st century. Embracing the lush climate, but drawing attention inward, the bulbous design comprises a stack of interlocking rings producing a continual, rhythmic cycle of entertainment and relaxation through terraces, roof gardens, and hotel amenities. The experience moves from communal, recreational spaces in the central enclosure to a collection of bespoke guest rooms along the upper reaches of the building.

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