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Part of Dubai’s overall masterplan is the creation of a purpose-built creative district meant to harbor designers and artists from around the world. This, Dubai Design District (d3), would require some years to get up and running, giving birth to the need for a temporary space for offices and creative workshops. The temporary facility’s lifespan was set to 5 years and needed to be planned, designed and built within an 8 month timeframe. The architects proposed the expansion of the development from a basic space for offices and workshops to a real creative hub capable of becoming an event venue and a lively location, bustling with activity.

Second Award | RTFSA 2016 Awards

Category: Office Building (Built) 

Participant  Name: Wael Al Awar

Team Member: Kenichi Teramoto, Yuka Takeuchi, Sho Ikeya, Takuma Fujisaki

Country: United Arab Emirates


Hai D3 (2)
Hai D3 (2)
Hai D3 (3)
Hai D3 (3)

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