An Indian corporate MNC associated with multi businesses including textile, plastic, Power, infrastructure, etc. has its multiple offices spread across the city of Ahmedabad. They seek to consolidate the management of all group companies under one roof through a central corporate headquarter to enhance working environment and future prospectus.

The site is located in Ahmedabad with efficient connectivity to airport and state capital – Gandhinagar. The project occupies a total site area of 1.75 acre with built up area of 18000 Sqm.

First Award | RTFSA 2016 Awards

Category: Office Building (Concept)

Participant  Name: Sachin Zanwar

Team Member: Sachin Zanwar, Sudhir Ray, Junaid Siddiqui, Viraj Mhatre, Nuruddin Imam

Country: India

Sintex corporate headquarter By Urbanscape studio Pvt. Ltd.
Sintex corporate headquarter (1)

The brief called for a landmark building to help achieve global identity and provide efficient collaborative work culture of high standards. The existing head office accommodating the owners of the company is located at a suburban location amidst an opulent green environment. Thus, the challenge of the design was to integrate green spaces into the work environment and mitigate such disassociation while settling into an urban context, more so significantly for the owners. The design had to be based on international corporate standards, sustainable principles, provide branding at global level and reflect unified character of a large company working under one roof. Through discussion with CEOs of the companies, it was derived that segregated zones for managerial executives and support staffs would provide an efficient work environment.

Sintex corporate headquarter By Urbanscape studio Pvt. Ltd.
Sintex corporate headquarter (2)

With a primary aim to create an environment friendly workspace and incorporating global design standards, the concept aims to achieve continuous integration of outdoor and indoor spaces.  Responding to the hot and semi-arid climate of the city, the building is set at the south edge of the site, thereby casting shadow on the northern foreground creating opportunity for a 25m x 100m stretch of soothing landscape that creates micro climate, accommodates rich bio diversity within the site as well as compliments the built mass. The building form is broken vertically and connected through sky bridges, while creating green spaces and visual connectivity at multiple levels to reflect the unified character of the company. The design physically segregates executive and staff zones on typical floors while the top floor is dedicated to the owners, Chairmen and company board room adjoining an exclusive landscaped terrace integrating and reflecting the client’s aspiration of a green environment. The foreground flows into a triple heighted grand atrium visually dissecting the building vertically as well as horizontally achieving continuity of space. Segregated entry is provided for the staff and owners through the atrium with exclusive elevators provided to the owners to connect them to the top floor. A product and company display area is designed adjacent to the atrium for branding.

Sintex corporate headquarter By Urbanscape studio Pvt. Ltd.
Sintex corporate headquarter (5)

The building has minimal opening on east and west side through back ventilated terracotta facade systems that radically reduce the daytime heat gain while maintaining the glazing towards north side.  Through Thermal energy storage (TES) system (integrated to store night time cooling for daytime utilization leading to low energy consumption for HVAC), Rain water harvesting systems, Sewage treatment plant, orientation, technology, materials and construction methodology, the building is designed to achieve platinum rating as per IGBC.

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