First Award | Urban Design (Built)

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[tab]Firm Name: Balmori Associates

Participant  Name: Diana Balmori

Team Member: Diana Balmori, Haeahn Architecture H Associates

Country : United States[/tab]
[tab]PAT, Sejong, Korea

1.Urban Design Master Plan for Public Administration Town:

Land Use and: Land use plan reflecting the functions to be accommodated and the direction of development for the PAT.

Neighborhood Plan: Neighborhood plan (community complex plan in connection with pedestrian pathway and unit community) Rough site plan indicating building locations for the entire area of the PAT.

Townscape Plan: Skyline concept and plan, Townscape planning for each key place within the site.

Block and Street Plan:  Block and lot subdivision plan, Street network considering public transportation system and urban block contexts.

Traffic and Circulation Plan: Vehicular entrance gateway system and parking system, Pedestrian and bicycle circulation.

Ecological Environment Plan: Concept and developmental directions for ecological environment, Environmental management plan (biotope, natural ground preservation, green roofs, and connection between waterfront and the Jangnam plain).

Public Park and Green Area: Parks, green area, and waterfront plan, Facilities to be introduced and their locations, Public square and outdoor civic spaces.

Buildings: Building use and locations, Building volume, Lot coverage ratio, floor area ratio, building height, Building forms and facades, Access/entrance to building and lower level floors plan, Location of outdoor open space within building lot.

2.Government Buildings and Major Facilities:

Land Use Plan: Detailed land use plan reflecting the functions to be accommodated and the direction of development for the selected site.

Block and Street Plans: Block and lot subdivision plans, Street plan considering public transportation system and block plans.

Transportation and Circulation Plan: Circulation plans considering different user groups, including visitors and government employees.

Public Open Space: Parks, green areas and waterfront plans, Facilities to be introduced and their locations.

Site Plan and Building Blocks: Functional groups and buildings network, Relationship between buildings and streets, Relationship between buildings and open space.

Building Plans: Building use plan, Building size (facility-specific summary), Lot coverage ratio, floor area ratio, height plans, Building massing (3D), Building forms and facades,  Access/entrance to building and ground floor plan, Security and safety schemes.



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