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Honorable Mention | Public Building (Concept)

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Firm Name: LLC Studio-TA

Participant  Name: Tigran Badalyan

Team Member:  Tigran Badalyan, Anna Meliksetyan,  Kirill Timartsev,  Denis Aleksandrov

Team Member: Rachelle Ray, Larry Speck, Justin Sabatini

Country : Russia

Center Of Contemporary Art

Center for Contemporary Art – the iconic object not only for the city itself but for the global art process. It is the institution that contributes to the development of russian art, leades multidirectional performances, should have recognizable image, should be open, friendly and integrated into the city fabric.

NCCA – territory of wide opportunities in the limitless plane of Hodinskoye pole. Building appears from a vast park, remains its integral part, culminating space path. Volume interior preserves connection with exterior spaces, which increases its quality. Exhibition starts in the city, in the park, leads visitor into the museum. Volume is formed by green terraces – amphitheaters which make visitor feel engaged. The whole project focuses on the visitors experience through three key-approaches:  maximum flexible exhibitions spaces which allow curators and artists to experiment with the boarders of creativity, the entrance area (out) and the entrance hall (in) can operate as a multifunction space which allows to host and present different artistic expressions (performances, installations, street arts, happenings etc) this area creates the sense of a welcome forum when the art can be emerged and the visitors can be engaged.

the museum functionality is the third important point of the project achieved by studying visitors, artifacts and staff circulation, the technical background to create flexible exhibition spaces which can be divided and can operate according to the curators requirements and also by using the principles of an environmental friendly and sustainable building. Multifunctional museum becomes a key object in the surroundings.

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