This project is a house totally built with Reflective Laminated Glass to attend the desire of the clients, a young couple, in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil, named Glass House. They were looking for a small house like a loft completely integrated to the nature! They also asked for  a house with a short time of building; low coast; with the possibility of mobility and with the precepts of sustainabiity for all construction and for the interior design, also.  So, this project provides architecture with the principles of living small; of full integration with nature; of sustainability and of mobility. In this way, the project guarantee the respect  to the nature; the relationship with the landscape and with the sky. These are the strong points of the Glass House.

Rethinking The Future Awards 2022

Second Award | RTFA 2017 Awards

Category: Residence (Built)

Participant  Name: Cristina Menezes

Team Members: Cristina Menezes Lais Laine Roberta Antunes Jaqueline Kelly

Country: Brazil

Glass House_1
Glass House_1

Sustainability and Mobility also left its strong impression in this project. Since the construction, the purpose was to avoid wastage and do not generate waste. For this, the project was based in modules according to the dimensions of the glass slabs and of the dimensions of the steel profiles. The structure is all screwed and the glass was glued at the structure with structural silicone. In this way, the sustainability and the mobility of the Glass House were assured.  The Glass House did not generate waste and it can be transported to where the residents want to go! Another point very important is that the Glass House is freestanding and its foundation in steel profile is external to the ground, facilitating their implementation and allowing the passage of all pipes in the gap between the floor and the ground!

Glass House_2
Glass House_2
Glass House_4
Glass House_4

The privacy is guaranteed with the reflective lamina. Who is out of the house can not see inside. The protection against UV rays is 100% and the thermal insulation reaches 71%. With the help of blinds and curtains it is possible to have a perfect balance of privacy and natural light. At the night, when you have more light inside the house, fixtures on the ground around the house with strong light guarantee the privacy.

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