The vision for the project is built around three elements:

Create an entry to the city centre that is, at the same time, prestigious, functional and, convenient.  With a view of reinforcing the image of Montréal to a regional, national and international level, the urban boulevard should distinguish itself by the quality of its design and aesthetic.

First Award | RTFA 2017 Awards

Category: Landscape Design (Built)

Participant: City of Montréal

Country: Canada

Projet Bonaventure (2)
Projet Bonaventure (2)

Considering the importance to provide an efficient access downtown, it is essential to take into account the variety of the users’ needs in the new design of the Bonaventure site. Pedestrians, passengers, bus, car and truck drivers as well as cyclists should be considered in the process.

Projet Bonaventure (3)
Projet Bonaventure (3)
  • Promote the unity of neighbouring districts, in a North-South axis as well as East—West.

The elevated section of the Bonaventure Expressway located to the north of the Lachine Canal is a physical and mental barrier between neighbouring districts. The current infrastructure prevents further interaction between neighbourhoods. The project should eliminate this barrier and recreate transportation connectivity in the area.

Projet Bonaventure (4)
Projet Bonaventure (4)
  • Support urban development with strategic public interventions

Both Faubourg des Récollets and Griffintown neighbourhoods are significantly growing. More and more families settle in these neighbourhoods because of the proximity to the city center. To support this momentum, the redevelopment and the unification of the area at the border of both neighbourhoods are needed.

Projet Bonaventure (5)
Projet Bonaventure (5)

From that vision, four planning orientations that are consistent with Montréal’s Master Plan and the City Transportation plan support the interventions planned for the project:

  • Efficient transportation networks that are integrated into the urban fabric;
  • High-quality urban landscape and surface facilities;
  • Valued built and archaeological heritage;
  • Pleasant environment.

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