People who lived in New York must never miss a New York Public Library(NYPL) banner in the city due to its’ high volume of publication and widely located branches network. With a deeper look, you will realize it’s not a just a library this organization is building for. It is a live city with its’ own metabolism system.

Second Award | RTFA 2017 Awards

Category: Cultural (Concept)

Participant  Name: Xinyu Hu & Yi Wu

Country: United States

Library Beyond Boundary (1)
Library Beyond Boundary (1)

Founded in 1895, New York Public Library maintains 97 branches in New York. Except 4 of them are research libraries with selected categories book collections, most of branches are local community branch and widely distributed in Manhattan, Bronx and Staten Island. There are even a certain percentage of branches are Andrew Carnegie library that the library buildings themselves are historical architectures. With a such rich history background, New York Public Library is still exploring for better method to serve the city. Most library branches are being transformed into true centers of educational innovation and service, vital community hubs that provide far more than just free books and materials. Benefit from branches location, many local branches have been rooted in local communities for decades and being part of residents’ daily life. People go there use computer and internet. New York City public school students rely on their local branches for homework help. The city’s immigrant communities count on NYPL’s English language and literacy classes. Job seekers depend on our comprehensive job search resources. Altogether, the Library offers 103,000 free programs annually, serving everyone from toddlers to teens to seniors.

Library Beyond Boundary (2)
Library Beyond Boundary (2)

In this design, we read New York Public Library and its branches as a well-developed social system. We choose students as our design subject, and programs related to this subject are introduced to this design such like after school program and library schooling. we believe New York city is the space in between home and school which can be This design is based on existing NYPL system to expand library further into community. NYPL Chinatown branch library was chosen as testing site. By creating strategies such as green carpet, open-up backhouse, beam project, we populate the community with current library programs and increase resident involvement.

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