Observing God details and remonstrating slight errors is an art that comes with time and architecture!

From the very initial Vitruvian virtues to numerous principles of contemporary architecture, the evolution of architecture has produced sensations. The ability of the human mind to get inspired from every cobble awakes a new possibility by allowing us to transcend our ordinary limitations, which also propels us from apathy to possibility and reconstructs the way we perceive our capabilities.

A modern case can be seen here which signifies that inspiration comes from origins and evolving it, is the wheel of innovation.

The Saga Of Architecture - Sheet1
Brilliant Bio-Design 14 Animal-Inspired Inventions – WebEcoist (momtastic.com)

Need for New Visioners

“The development of skills with time is a metamorphosis phase that leads to an experimental Architect”. Fresh perspectives are necessary to break the monotony of recurrence of the same old methods. Apart from having an alien perspective, one should understand that at last architecture is for people, to people, and by people, and the art of fusing the two spirits is difficult yet can be understood by some fundamental philosophy. 

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IMAGE 2_Let’s find the sixth dimension !_Simran

Besides, Knowledge of diverse types of visions helps to play with them and assist to get a higher understanding of perspectives. The evolution of perceiving things, opening knots of thoughts, analyzing every possible aspect, and the ability to explain things to others is what happens in higher understandings.

The consciousness of Spaces and Angles  

Architecture is something that is admired by a normal vision but gets analyzed by an Architect’s vision

After exploring the Game of architecture one can easily identify rhythm, hierarchy, order, and symmetry in each and everything, it’s like having a virtual grid to which one can see the whole of a perspective. One has a better understanding of the basics of photography because of their knowledge of the principles of proportions. Photography becomes the favorite part of the trip!

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IMAGE 3_ Can you feel the picture ? Architecture Memes (Page 4) – Line.17QQ.com .

Balancing the Positives and Negatives of a place is a crucial part of designing, but to understand the importance of each space to highlight another is a positioned ratio to reach. The ability to distinguish between positive and negative spaces is an observation that comes with participation.

Free-Flowing Spaces!

Public spaces are free-flowing social spaces and important assets to our cities. Public spaces don’t restrict swarm based on marginalized and ethnicity hypotheses. 

The Saga Of Architecture - Sheet4
IMAGE 4_ Is it an Ideal public space ? simran

Designing public spaces is a critical job as it needs a lot of synergic knowledge of functionality and aesthetics along with the arrangement of focal points [sculptures, water bodies, fountains, pavilion, etc.] is an essential strategy as well.

Community spaces are also public spaces but with restrictions of public typology. One should keep in mind the equal distribution of open and close spaces or public and private zones so that everyone experiences the place freely. 

Community areas such as convention centers and mixed-use developments are the way to have large social gatherings.For instance, the upcoming IICC in Dwarka is an approach to experience tourism on a huge level with dynamic volumes, passive and active strategies, moreover promoting sustainability and economic expansion comprising of retails, hotels, recreational areas which makes the space free for every kind of crowd.

Transmutation in Architecture

Along with the new trends, notions like sustainability, structural expressionism, energy efficiency, renewable concepts, balanced equity, social and environmental dimensions have unfolded the meaning of living with modifications. For example, It connects dynamic conceptual art with elements of sustainability which results in the evolution of ecological architecture with considerations of innovative spatial elements.

The Saga Of Architecture - Sheet5
Narrating architecture in the comic way with Anuj Kale (worldarchitecture.org)

Architecture is not something that can be instantly modified or composed, at times it takes civilizations to make an influence or idea work and to mould buildings to implant modern lifestyles.

Confusion is What Keeps us Going!

Architecture may seem like a fictional world but it has many complexities in real life. Students initially feel a lot of pressure while going through this journey but eventually understand why it is known as ‘the mother of all arts’. Students often complain about staying up late and finishing work because of how their minds are exploring and learning so many new things that hours become minutes and minutes become seconds.

The Real-World Battles!

Just like every other profession, conflict is a part of success, similarly, Architecture is also addressed as conflict which represents the never-ending progress.

IMAGE 6_ Just observe ! architecture students  Joker Listening to Todd Phillips on a Subway _Know Your Meme

Dealing with both theory and empirical realms makes an Architect Jack of all trades, who not only can verbalize his/her thoughts but also takes the responsibility to execute them. Sadistically, to be good in both realms puts a lot of pressure but also helps them to become a Refined Architect.

Apart from the creative zone, designing buildings needs a lot of knowledge, responsiveness, and hard work as creativity comes with a price tag of handling criticism, 24/7 intake of knowledge, meeting client demands, self-focus, time for personal interests, and chasing dreams radically is a conflict in itself.

IMAGE 7_ It’s all about our Interest eventually  ! Why the World Needs More Architecture Memes _ArchDaily

At last, to fit the entire practice of so many years in some pages, designing the “portfolio” needs master skills too, as it represents the journey one has gone through and the skills he/she has developed. Though the best things can’t be captured, it takes the experience to speak and the desire to make a difference.


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With a cryptic perspective and ambivert personality, Simran is a student of B.Arch, who beliefs in reverie as escapism to bring solutions to realism. Besides, she says Architecture is not a domain limited to buildings however it’s an art that’s so far evident in every entity in this world, she also intends to explore more with her perceptions.