Sustainability is now taking the center stage in the current building design scenario. Sustainable Architecture doesn’t confine to new build properties, it can also be applied to existing buildings to make them more energy-efficient and everyone must learn it to make a better future. But many architectural colleges still do not teach about it.

10 Sustainable Architecture Online courses -1
Green Home Building

So here are 10 online courses for those who want to learn something extra apart from formal education:

1. Sustainable Architecture

The course helps in understanding the basic parameter of sustainable buildings along with designing, practices, and technology that would lead to such buildings.

Available On:  Swayam.Gov.In
Duration:  12 Weeks
Price: Free (E-Certificate For 1,000 INR After Writing Exam At Designated Center)
Institute: IIT Roorkee

2. Introduction to Net-Zero Energy buildings

This course will give you an in-depth understanding of the different definitions of NZEBs and the different steps involved in achieving NZEB goals. Detailed examples of NZEBs from the world over will further reinforce your understanding of the concept. Finally, you’ll understand the different roadmaps that governments and international bodies are laying out to promote NZEBs.

Available On: www.Udemy.Com
Duration:  43min
Price: Free (E-Certificate For 1,920inr)
Institute: Eds Global
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3. Sustainable Urban Development

Learn the most relevant challenges that metropolitan regions face and how to respond to them. The course offers to understand the principles that will be essential to transform metropolitan regions into just, prosperous and sustainable places to live in.

Available On: Www.Edx.Org
Duration:  7 Weeks
Price: Free (E-Certificate For 3,721inr)
Institute: Tu Delft

4. Smart Cities | Sustainable Architecture

It will help learn the impact of data and information on the design, sustainability, and resilience of future cities. In this course, you will learn the basics of information cities and urban science research, as well as how dynamic behavior and citizen-driven learning differentiate the responsive city from the smart city.

Available On: Www.Edx.Org
Duration:  10 Weeks
Price: Free (E-Certificate For 12,576inr)
Institute: Eth Zurich

5. Eco-design for Cities and Suburbs

You’ll learn the principles of eco-design and why it is important as a response to the current disorganized urban growth model, how to adapt to a changing climate, and ways to mitigate climate change locally. This Sustainable Architecture course also offers ways of designing urban and suburban regulations to make cities more livable and environmentally compatible and strategies for designing and managing the public realm, plus Innovative arrangements and processes for implementing the eco-design.

Available On: Www.Edx.Org
Duration:  6weeks
Price: Free (E-Certificate For 7,367 INR)
Institute: University Of British Columbia

10 Sustainable Architecture Online courses -2

6. Sustainable Interiors

For those who want to go green in interiors, this is the right course to get started with. It offers green design strategies for the interior and helps in selecting materials based on sustainability criteria.

Available On: Www.Udemy.Com
Duration:  1hour
Price: Free (E-Certificate For 420 INR)
Institute: Eds Global

7. Principles of Sustainable Design

The course will help you learn to analyze the origins and founding principles of sustainability and develop self-interest to build a foundation for a new sustainable worldview. The course takes a deeper look at the state of energy and environmental systems and their impacts.

Available On: Buildacamedy.Com
Duration:  7weeks
Price: Free (E-Certificate For $ 99)
Institute: Philadelphia University

8. Practices for Sustainable Architecture

Sustainable Architecture course takes forward the learning from the previous course in this list by introducing students to a variety of rating systems like LEED, Passivhaus, and more. It offers deep learning about green construction practices and collaborative design practices as a means to achieve ambitious sustainable design projects in a tough economic context.

Available On: Buildacamedy.Com
Duration:  7 Weeks
Price: Free (Paid E-Certificate)
Institute: Philadelphia University

9. Sustainability in Architecture: An Interdisciplinary Introduction

This course will help you learn how to evaluate the sustainability performance of buildings from materials, ways to assess energy usage. Learners will be introduced to the basic elements of sustainability assessments, as well as trends informing the space today.

Available On: Www.Edx.Org
Duration:  4weeks
Price: Free (E-Certificate For 3,721 INR)
Institute: Polytechnic University Of Valencia

10. Cities and the Challenge of Sustainable Development

The course speaks about the basics of a sustainable city, what a sustainable city consists of and how to make cities sustainable by Sustainable Architecture to support growth and urbanization.

Available On: www.Edx.Org
Duration:  1week
Price: Free (E-Certificate For 1,860 INR)
Institute: Sdg Academy


Aditi Garg is pursuing final year of B.arch and believes in sustainable architectural practices. She came to RTF while discovering architectural journalism and is passionate about documenting ideas and architecture.