We, as architects, usually perceive, interpret, and then provide appropriate designs to our clients. As the field is extending its arms and reaching more audiences, it is something to be given priority. In today’s connected world, it is imperative to extend the narrative of design and present it in its purest form. Architectural journalism can fill in for different genres like design interpretation, creative writing, paper writing, perceptual thinking, exploration, documentation of photographs, and research paper. By arousing public reception towards novel creativity, a design lives forever. With such a big responsibility, it becomes crucial to understand the right way to do it.

Here are ten opportunities that one could look at, to build and develop their skills as an Architectural Journalist.

Internships :

1. ArchDaily

Internship at the most-read architecture website, featuring a wide variety of monthly topics like interiors, travel, innovation, and technology, etc. as well as architecture & design news, undoubtedly offers a high potential for aspiring writers to shine in the architecture community.

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Visit the website for updates. https://www.archdaily.com/

2. Arch2o

Interning for Arch2o will unfold the creative, innovative, and architecture-obsessed side of yours. With a focus on both editorial and interactive approach, journalism at Arch2o is not just limited to uncovering a multitude of topics, but also focuses on interviewing influential architects and designers and obtain fresh perspectives.

Visit the website for updates: https://www.arch2o.com/.

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3. Dezeen Magazine

With the record of over 53 million visits a year, Dezeen is one of the most popular websites in the field of Architecture and Design. With a careful selection of news and projects in architecture, interiors, and design around the globe, journalism at Dezeen takes the form of video making, podcasts, interviews, and editorials. Due to these reasons, it has become the most influential and well known architectural and design magazine.

Visit the website for updates https://www.dezeen.com/.

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4. The Architect’s Newspaper

A National publication with its dynamic online presence is more inclined towards publishing breaking news, features, and reviews concerning the world of architecture, urbanism, and design. One has an opportunity to involve and evolve in this fast-paced publishing environment.

Website link https://www.archpaper.com/2020/02/apply-for-a-paid-internship-at-the-architects-newspaper/

Apart from the above mentioned, there are full-time summer internships/training in Indian architectural magazine offices, like IA&B, Architectural Digest, and Architectural Update, etc.

5. Re-thinking the Future

An incredible platform unanimously welcomes architects and non-architects, passionate towards writing. They thrive on sharing projects and stories across the world.

Visit the website for the updates https://www.re-thinkingthefuture.com/internship/.

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Online Courses:

1. Epistle communications X Architecture Chat

Mentored by Tanya Khanna, the course offers career exploration in architectural journalism. From the basics of architectural journalism to building portfolios, they provide a wide range of resourceful information.

Course link. https://architecturechat.com/courses/architecture-journalism-online-course/

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2. Goldring’s Arts Journalism program at Syracuse University, New York

The Goldring Arts Journalism and Communications program is the first program at an accredited journalism school that trains journalists to communicate about arts and culture. This course would be helpful to write about architecture, as it collaborates with the School of Architecture, the College of Arts and Sciences, and the College of Visual and Performing Arts. The program also gives access to a collection of courses by writers, editors, academics and artists.

The course provides an opportunity to work closely with advisers, the program director, and a faculty member, who can guide in the vital area of arts and culture. The freedom to shape your personalized curriculum of journalism and arts courses and to identify your educational goals to gain in-depth knowledge in different areas makes the course unique.

Course link: https://newhouse.syr.edu/academics/degrees/masters/arts-journalism-masters

  1. The McGill University, School of Architecture, Canada also offers a similar course, and few more universities in the US like Harvard, Cornell, MIT, Yale, Columbia, North Eastern University, Boston, etc. provide journalism-related courses in arts and architecture.
  2. There are some colleges in India to have Architectural Journalism as an Interdisciplinary course – CEPT, Rachana Sansad, SPA Delhi, PVPCOA Pune, McGAN’S Ooty School of Architecture, to name a few.


The one who understands the sensitivity of the subject and wants to employ themselves in research and analysis, Indian architecture, and research organizations like CBRI, CSIR, CEPT, and Research cell at CCA, allow pursuing the passion further.


The world of Architectural Journalism is not limited to the list provided here. There exist many more top magazines, websites, and media houses that could mold your career in this field. It is essential to remember that as long as one has a perspective or an opinion, writing is merely a tool to express thoughts. Hence, once an uncharted territory, Architectural Journalists are nowadays getting ready to stand as tall as mainstream media. With proper guidance and a plethora of opportunities taking birth in today’s world, one can hope to make a difference.


Tanvi Saraf, an architect who believes that every space has a story, waiting to be narrated. Always looking to make a tiny effort to connect the dots through experiences.