AndinaPatagonica #4 is the first of a twin cabin project in the outskirts of El Bolson, Rio Negro, Argentina.
It is a 65 square meter cabin which opens up to the Cerro Piltriquitron. The house steps down to adapt its form to the slope of the terrain; this way the form opens up to the panoramic view. The form also stretches in order to create the awning in the entranceway. All the spaces are connected generating a singular interior open space.

Project Name: Andina Patagonica #4
Studio name: forma
Project size: 65 m2
Site size: 2000 m2
Project Budget: $70000
Completion date: 2019
Building levels: 2
Location: El Bolson , Argentina
Photography: Francisco Galeazzi

5150 Andina Patagonica #4 by forma: Sheet 1
Kitchen © Francisco Galeazzi

The house was partially prefabricated in Bariloche. The project is modulated in a 2 ft x 2 ft (61cmx61cm) grid in order to avoid any waste of materials and also accomplish an efficient and rapid construction.
In order to show the modularity and create that cozy, warm feeling of a cabin, the interior is covered with full sheets of pine plywood.

5150 Andina Patagonica #4 by forma: Sheet 2
Exterior View © Francisco Galeazzi

A substantial overhang to the North protects the windows from the sun and every room has cross ventilation as a passive cooling mechanism. Also, half of the footprint sits on the ground with a slab on grade, achieving thermal mass for cooling in the summer and keeping the house warm in the winter. Polished concrete was used for the slab-on-grade portion and wood floors for the rest of the house.

5150 Andina Patagonica #4 by forma: Sheet 3
Interior View © Francisco Galeazzi

In line with the sustainable aspirations of the project, the insulation used is cellulose.

The Northern and Southern walls are cladded with charcoaled wood, using the ShouSugi Ban japanese technique to protect the wood from weathering. The roof and the Eatern and Western walls are black corrugated metal.


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