This expansive 168-square-meter Minsk apartment, meticulously crafted by interior designer Darya Solovyeva, epitomizes the perfect space for an active family. Its intriguing utilization of kraft elements, and bespoke unique pieces are harmoniously interwoven with distinctive lighting fixtures, rendering the interior not only supremely functional but also authentic. “The interior concept is based on the philosophy of aristocratic and restrained comfort”, Darya says.

Project Name- A Contemporary Minsk apartment
Studio Name-White Cube
Photo credit-Sergey Ananiev
Style by -Maria Mamaeva

Contemporary Minsk apartment by White Cube-Sheet3
©Sergey Ananiev

Envisioned to cater to the homeowners’ aspirations, the layout encompasses a spacious kitchen-dining-living area, offering a captivating vista of the meticulously landscaped surroundings. A generously proportioned entrance hall welcomes visitors, segueing seamlessly into communal zones, a well-appointed laundry room, and elegantly appointed bathrooms.

The master bedroom, with its spacious walk-in closet, offers a private retreat, as do the guest and children’s bedrooms. Plus, there’s a pleasant surprise – a wide balcony with stunning views of the beautiful forest and winding river. The large windows let in lots of natural light, making the outside blend seamlessly with the inside, creating a peaceful and connected atmosphere.

Contemporary Minsk apartment by White Cube-Sheet6
©Sergey Ananiev

This project is all about creating a cozy and elegant atmosphere. To achieve this, the designer combines luxurious fabrics with natural materials like wood, metal, and stone. This combination of warm and cool elements, along with textured fabrics, creates a beautiful visual harmony.

Almost all the furniture in the apartment is custom-made, such as the kitchen cabinets featuring fancy veneer, wooden countertops, and brass accents. Each piece of furniture is a testament to the designer’s artistic vision. For example, the dining area features a unique table made of metal and glass with a  log insert, while the living room showcases a cabinet with a metal base and weathered wood accents. The hallway even has a console with a raw, stone edge that adds a captivating touch.

Contemporary Minsk apartment by White Cube-Sheet7
©Sergey Ananiev

The designer uses a natural color palette to highlight the architectural features. Shaping the ceiling pattern was a challenging task, but the chosen techniques achieved the desired look. The custom lighting fixtures in the bathroom, living room, and master bedroom are excellent examples of the author’s vision. They add uniqueness and charm to each room. “Different lighting scenarios are created for each space, enhancing the ambiance and allowing for easy mood changes throughout the day, making this apartment even more enchanting”, Darya Solovyeva notes.

Contemporary Minsk apartment by White Cube-Sheet5
©Sergey Ananiev

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