L-Don Residential villa is designed for people to live alone for relaxation,

The initial concept of this design is taken from the two main elements of yin and yang, meaning light and darkness, which has reached its true meaning by combining these two volumes, north and south.

Project name: L-Don
Architecture firm: Peiman Aminzadeh
Principal architect: Peiman Aminzadeh
Project location: Shirgah, Savadkuh, Mazandaran, Iran
Built area: 57 m2
Site area: 1501 m2

Photography: –
Visualization: Peiman Aminzadeh
Tools used: AutoCAD – Revit – 3DsMax – Lumion – Adobe Photoshop
Design team: Peiman Aminzadeh and Meema

Collaborators: –
Interior design: Peiman Aminzadeh
Design year: 2022
Completion year: Under Construction / Operating time: 2023
Landscape: Meema
Civil engineer: Mazan Sazane Shomal
Structural engineer: Peiman Aminzadeh
Environmental & MEP engineering: –
Lighting: Peiman Aminzadeh
Construction: Sepehr Asgari
Supervision: Meema, Sepehr Co.
Materials: Special cement, smart glass, metal, shingle roof, moisture insulation paint
Budget: 165000 $
Client: Sepeher Asgari
Status: Under Construction

Firm Location: Rasht, Guilan, Iran
Program / Use / Building Function: Residential villa for relaxation (yoga).
2022 ©Peiman Aminzadeh

L-Don by Peiman Aminzadeh - Sheet5
©Peiman Aminzadeh

L-Don is designed in the simplest possible ways to move people away from the intellectual margins of life and create a focus on the order of the universe and create peace.

L-Don by Peiman Aminzadeh - Sheet8
©Peiman Aminzadeh

This project is actually a one-person residence to receive the energies of nature and enjoy the universe. For uniformity and simplicity in the composition of materials, special cement is often used along with waterproofing paint, wood and stone.

L-Don by Peiman Aminzadeh - Sheet9
©Peiman Aminzadeh

In the ancient traditions of Iran, water was known as a symbol of purity, and in designing this project, we used a small pool to induce the feeling that it is in direct contact with the bedroom.


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