Surrounded by an expanse of green and located on a prime raised site with potential for an unobstructed view of the city, the design seeks to create an immersive retreat space for the enjoyment of the Owner’s family of six.

Project Name: Around the Tembusu Tree
Studio Name: Aamer Architects
Location: Singapore
Photography: Patrick Bingham-Hall
Project size: 843 m2
Site Size: 1400 m2
Completion Date: 2016
Building levels: 3

Around the Tembusu Tree by Aamer Architects - Sheet1
Living room ©Patrick Bingham-Hall

Taking the experience of the landscape as a priority, the volume of the house is kept low and slender to nestle within the lush greens. Existing Tembusu trees are also retained with the adoption of the L-shape configuration.

The creation of separate wings is in turn used to provide the rooms with equal views while maintaining a hierarchy of privacy.

Around the Tembusu Tree by Aamer Architects - Sheet2
Poolside ©Patrick Bingham-Hall

The experience of the landscape is allowed to permeate indoor as movement between the upper levels ultimately connected via covered walkways, lined with vertical timber screens that open to and engage with the view, while transparent enclosures are used throughout the ground spaces.

The basement entry and car park are located at the lowest part of the plot to avoid the need to ramp down. Open to sky voids add natural light and ventilation to the basement.

Around the Tembusu Tree by Aamer Architects - Sheet3
Rooftop Seating ©Patrick Bingham-Hall

Adopting an L-shape plan layout and placing it to the extreme end of the land, gives ample space from the neighboring plot to the left, while providing a large garden for the house, allowing for spaciousness and cool views.

The L-block with single loaded rooms provides for full cross-ventilation for all rooms, and enjoyment of the distant views. Large connecting naturally ventilated corridors (without A/C) become interactive spaces for the family with the timber screens providing protection from the sun and guaranteeing privacy.


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