House for this large-scale family, PINS Studio has created a luxurious yet laid back space centred around contemporary elements. Dining, kitchen and utility rooms on the ground floor and bedrooms on the upper level, has been completely revamped from scratch. To ensure that the spaces come together in harmony with the existing ones, our design team engaged a series of sophisticated materials enhanced by functional details to bring out an updated look.

Project Name: Perfection in Motion
Studio Name: PINS Studio Architecture & Interiors
Location: Seremban, Malaysia
Photography: MOOOTEN Studio


Set upon an open plan layout, the newly renovated spaces feature a custom-built cabinet that serves as an important central element to demarcate the wet kitchen, laundry room and the dry kitchen while concealing a large column that rests awkwardly in the middle. Stretching all the way across the dry and wet kitchen, the cabinet unit acts as a feature wall which is affixed with a camouflaged door leading into the wet kitchen and another entrance on the side that opens into the laundry room. When the hidden door is opened, the cabinet wall becomes a freestanding element; when closed, it instantly transforms into a stylish backdrop for the kitchen and dining area.

Appliances in the dry kitchen like the wine chiller, fridge and oven are neatly tucked into the cabinet to maintain a minimalist appearance. In the wet kitchen on the other side, there’s another built-in oven placed between ample storage shelves for stowing away pantry goods and cooking utensils. To create a modern minimalist backdrop for the all-white kitchen island and the adjacent dining area the entire cabinet wall takes on a pristine white palette, alternated with black shelves. Delicate details like curved edges are also introduced to enhance the modern appeal. This is seen on the built-in display shelves next to the dining area which gently wraps around the corners of the wall to engender a smooth effect, juxtaposing with the bolder interior features.


Moving on to the first floor, the stairway leads into a spacious family room on the left. A U-shaped sofa anchors the grey-themed room, providing plenty of space for lounging around, watching TV or chilling out. The dark wood feature wall accommodating the flat-screen TV brings in a similar colour palette from the ground floor to maintain visual continuity between the two levels. Natural light streams in through the large windows dressed in grey drapes, brightening the space while softening the atmosphere at the same time.

In the generously sized master bedroom, a dark-toned freestanding wall is strategically placed in the centre of the room, creating an elegant headboard for the bed on one side and a study area on the other. Dark wood is used for the top part while white marble with silvery veins highlights the bottom part. At the study area, the marble surface extends into a cantilevered desk, keeping everything sleek and minimalist.


Right behind the study area, the space flows into the walk-in wardrobe and bathroom suite. The bathroom is kept wide open – doors are absent and only carefully selected materials are used to indicate the different spaces. In the walk-in wardrobe, the wood flooring and dark timber shelves exude a warm feeling. Upon stepping into the bathroom clad in light-toned marble, the space transitions into a cooler environment. The contrast is subtle yet adds to the unique spatial experience that sets this house apart from others.


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