Across the street from St. Edward’s University, a pair of sister duplexes carve out a moment of respite and community for the busy students nearby.

Project Name: Woodward Duplexes
Studio Name: Davey McEathron Architecture
Project Size: 3965 ft2
Site Size: 10020 ft2
Completion Date: 2020
Building Levels: 2
Location: Austin, United States
Photography: Leonid Furmansky

©Leonid Furmansky

An expansive lot located in the heart of a busy collegiate corridor offered a unique opportunity to explore providing affordable but thoughtfully designed residences that engage the communal spirit of the area.

©Leonid Furmansky

Taking the traditional duplex monolith, a series of outdoor gatherings areas carve this up and then are mirrored to create four distinct volumes. The marriage of these four private “houses” with the communal interstices defines a duality of separate, but together, that allows the occupant to have their own home while still being able to actively engage with their neighbors and bolster a sense of community.

©Leonid Furmansky

Adding to the interplay between the two duplexes, materials intermingle, creating an individual identity for each residence while still maintaining their clear family resemblance.


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