Humans have an ingrained tendency to seek connection with nature and living systems. This design, ParnaGrah is a deliberate attempt in recognition of this affinity to develop a connection with the means of architecture & built environment.

Studio Name: Conarch Architects
Design Team: Renu Chauhan, Ar. Nitish Goel, Ar. SK Goel
Area:  250 Sq. yards.
Year: 2019
Location: Preet Vihar, New Delhi
Consultants: Conarch Architects
Photography Credits: Nitish Goel

ParnaGrah- The Green Inside-Outside Space by Conarch Architects - Sheet3
©Nitish Goel

We envisaged a space for the family to decompress, entertain and carouse in the precious greens. The outhouse is an extension of the client’s current home and is a response to Delhi’s lack of communal flora.

ParnaGrah- The Green Inside-Outside Space by Conarch Architects - Sheet4
©Nitish Goel

A glass-enclosed space looking into the greenery has been designed to enthral only a third of the plot and is located to be constantly in shade by the boundary walls and the buildings. The glass house is made out of structural Stainless Steel & glass systems and makes way for a reclusive quiet moment, whatever be the need of the occupants. To have the area inside unencumbered from the bottom mounted light fixtures, a custom lighting solution has been detailed into the steel ceiling allowing for dimly lit, sophisticated warm interiors.

©Nitish Goel

A vertical garden occupies the utmost of the rear wall to optimize the occupied plot area and provides a large green background to the glass enclosure.

The windows of the existing home virtually come to a board framing the lush green landscaping outside and make a continuous connection to the spaces formerly devoid of it.


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