This 100+ year old Victorian house renovation was kicked off by a burst water valve in the 2nd floor bathroom. The lower three floors of the house (Basement, 1st & 2nd) suffered varying degrees of water damage but luckily the original door and window moldings and some of the original oak flooring was able to be saved.

Project Name: Modern Victorian
Studio Name: JAM Architecture
Project size: 4100
Completion date: 2020
Building levels: 4
Location: Brooklyn, United States
Photography: Gieves Anderson

Modern Victorian by JAM Architecture - Sheet1
Reading space ©Gieves Anderson

Our clients immediately jumped on the renovation opportunity that resulted from the water damage. The scope of the project quickly went from repairing the damage to looking at the house from a wholistic, long-term standpoint.

Modern Victorian by JAM Architecture - Sheet2
Bedroom ©Gieves Anderson

The house was suffering from a previous awkward renovation on the 2nd floor as well as as suffering from small, cramped bathrooms, and no master suite, typical of a house of this age. With a few simple architectural moves on each floor the house was able to be transformed into a modern version of it’s original self.

Modern Victorian by JAM Architecture - Sheet3
Artist Studio ©Gieves Anderson

Our clients leaned towards a modern/Scandinavian aesthetic but also loved the bones of the Victorian architecture. The renovation melded the two distinctly different styles in an eclectic but convincing way, as if the house had always been laid out this way.


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