The client required a 3-bedroom home with a small theatre room and a puja room. The approach was to convert a 4bhk into 3bhk and designing the guest room as a small theatre room making the apartment look spacious and reviving. The brief was simplified with a preference for modern and clean-lined aesthetics.

Project Name: Aman Apartment
Studio Name: Shayona Consultant
Completion Year: 2021
Carpet Area: 2130 sq.ft
Location: Ahmedabad, Gujarat
Photography: Inclined Studio

Aman Apartment by Shayona Consultant - Sheet
Living Room ©Inclined Studio

One is greeted by a geometric-decorative panelling that enlivens the vestibule and shields the overall view of the house. A mirrored grid wall with wooden panelling acts as a backdrop to the console unit.

Entering the house, one can see the balancing act of shades of grey with solid wood making the apartment look more appealing and live. The vestibule leads to the living area, which is divided into three seating zones. It performs that all-important task of creating the first impression as it sets the tone for welcoming with both the sides open with a brilliant continuity in colour palette and materiality.

The living room with its plush material of grey sofas and patterned rug anchors the centre table with a modern and timeless interior. What adds the lively charm here is the adjacent balcony space that flushes the indoors with its north lights.

The main attraction here is the theatre room which acts as an extension to the living room through visually separated through a sound-proof sliding glass door. Getting opened, it gives a perfect corner for family sitting stretched out from living. The highlight of the room is the acoustic wall which is clad to make it look interesting. Texture creates drama in the room with an essence of a cosy ambience. The plush material of the sofa furniture adds luxury and comfort to space.

Aman Apartment by Shayona Consultant - Sheet2
Bedroom ©Inclined Studio

Every piece of furniture is treated as if it were a canvas or an artwork by embellishing it with details and accents. Further, a wooden-fixture profile light in the ceiling and a console unit on the floor effortlessly converts into a dining space with respect to the concept of keeping it as an open plan layout.

The architect’s technique of creating this linear patch of living, theatre and dining, not only seemingly increased the volume of the space but also brought a sense of calm to the home.

The minimalist marble dining top for the dining, paired up with grey tufted chairs compliments its brick-patterned wall backdrop. This wall cladding is continued to the balcony so as not to break the space within.

The Kitchen is compact in size. To make it look spacious, the muted colour palette is used with white PU finishes for the furniture that keeps the kitchen bright and natural. The passage leading to the bedrooms highlighted with wooden flooring and wooden ceiling draws the eyes upwards while the profile light illuminates the space. The justifiable use of bells in the puja room with a tinge of warm wood creates a spiritual ambience of serenity, peace and positivity to space.

Aman Apartment by Shayona Consultant - Sheet3
Dining Space ©Inclined Studio

Rich veins in the marble wall cladding with the grid of SS Patti creates a dramatic backdrop to the master bedroom. Also, the vertical niches creatively break the solidity of the wall and the elevated platform with plush flooring gives an astonishing charm to the room. The bathroom door is beautifully flushed within the backdrop and this whole design approach of the architect met the client’s satisfaction to the next level.

Children’s bedroom sports a sophisticated yet playful look with its veneer patterned backdrop which shows the continuity from its tufted headboard of the bed. The reflective material of the wardrobe gives a modern appeal to the aesthetics of the space.

The base for the parent’s bedroom was to choose a tone that complements the occupant’s choice of keeping it simple and light. So it is kept muted cream and grey colour palette with warm wood.

This home takes a thorough design approach with its spatial organization to give back a holistic residence to the client. A rightfully designed abode pertains to the likes and needs of the user; also, keeping in mind their lifestyle and hobbies. This design approach has physically manifested the clients’ needs with its rational approach.


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