In the commercial area of Varna, flanked by the main road is the new branch of Harpf Getränkemarkt, a shop specialised in the retail sale of beverages. Considered to be a true beverage market, its sole purpose is to satisfy all palates: From the most experienced and discerning, who will find a wide selection of beers, wines and spirits, to the most refined, who will find an equally diverse range of soft drinks, mineral waters and fruit juices. Harpf Getränkemarkt offers a rich selection to suit all tastes.

Location: Vahrn (BZ) Italy
Typology: Retail, Branding
Realization: 2023
Living space: 500 square meters

HARPF GETRÄNKEMARK by Studio monovolume architecture + design - Sheet6
©Giovanni De Sandre

Rising from solid foundations and principles that unite the entire company, the new premises follow the recognisable and unmistakable brand profile. The colour “purple” characterises the entire building complex without dominating it and connects the exterior with the interior.

The main recognisable feature is a purple band that rises slightly above the slat structure and points the way to the entrance, unmistakable by motifs of bottles of different kinds and large windows that allow a glimpse of the interior.

The interior spaces are intended to be functional, as Harpf’s philosophy is to be fast, convenient and simple. A division by sectors has therefore been adopted in which the different products are clearly distinguished from each other and highlighted with graphic elements. The areas created are entirely dedicated to the product and are made even more interesting by sociable

HARPF GETRÄNKEMARK by Studio monovolume architecture + design - Sheet7
©Giovanni De Sandre

zones, such as “Harpf&Friends” in the wine section or a relaxation zone with comfortable armchairs in the spirits section. In the sparkling wine section, on the other hand, an area was set up for suppliers to present new products. The interactive design of the shop not only serves to fulfil business interests, but also to strengthen the relationship of trust that Harpf wants to build with its customers.

HARPF GETRÄNKEMARK by Studio monovolume architecture + design - Sheet9
©Giovanni De Sandre

In addition, the business is strongly concerned with sustainability and environmental issues. This has made it necessary to carve out a space entirely dedicated to supporting these ideals. A storage area and a waste recycling system allow the recycling of empty bottles and reusabl.


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