Dizengof/99 is a newly opened Israeli cuisine cafe in Tashkent created by the UTRO architectural studio. The interior design has used the vibrant style of the brand and also drawn inspiration from the culture and architecture of Uzbekistan.

Year of completion: 2023
Project location: Uzbekistan, Tashkent
Area: 116 м2
Project team:
Kristina Alexandrova, Alyona Zaitseva, Marina Yarmarkina, Olga Rokal, Viktoria Ilushina
Light design: Sergey Zhigalev
Photo credits: Baha Khakimov

Israeli Dizengoff99 in Tashkent by UTRO studio - Sheet5
©Baha Khakimov

Central to the design is a masterfully constructed brick wall with traditional masonry , an elegant partition that gracefully separates the kitchen and dining area. As the sunlight dances throughout the day, the brick’s texture comes alive, illuminating its intricate patterns. The wall’s true splendor is unveiled during the enchanting sunset hours.

“Our journey through Uzbekistan revealed the captivating artistry of traditional masonry and Bukhara’s delicate sand-hued bricks. This essence inspired us to create such brick wall in Dizengof/99 café and to demonstrate Bukhara’s architecture,” says Kristina Alexandrova, the lead project architect.

Israeli Dizengoff99 in Tashkent by UTRO studio - Sheet6
©Baha Khakimov

The brick wall flows into the washbasin area, a thoughtful departure from conventional design by placing it within the café’s heart. As water was always a significant resource for Uzbekistan we wanted to make reference to the water landmarks of Uzbekistan’s markets.

Different mirrors adorn the brick niche, a spin on the iconic from Dizengof/99 in Moscow’ disco ball theme. In Tashkent, these mirrors capture fragmented disco ball magic, embellishing the wall adjacent to the washbasins. Mirrors also function for the cafe’s guests.

Other familiar to Dizengof/99 cafes’ elements were also brought to the Tashkent project –  tables with intricate tiles, plywood furniture, and lush greenery. The brand’s signature blue hue graces the project, painted across the ceiling, lower parts of tables, and even the tile grout on the floor. With a soaring 5-meter ceiling, the café embraces an alfresco vibe, inviting guests to dine under the open sky.

Israeli Dizengoff99 in Tashkent by UTRO studio - Sheet8
©Baha Khakimov©Baha Khakimov

A communal olive-colored table, adorned with ficus trees, takes center stage, perfect for larger gatherings. Overhead, translucent mobiles reminiscent of Dizengof/99’s iconic symbols gently twirl, casting sunlit reflections upon the walls.

Along the textured concrete wall there is a cozy area furnished with a plywood bench and petite blue metal tables. Round tables with suspended fans offer a spot for quick bites or a leisurely cup of coffee.

The café also introduces a children’s play area. Soft felt seating resembling stones, a playful toy kitchen, and an inviting table create a haven for youngsters, allowing parents to relish their meals while their little ones embark on imaginative adventures.

Israeli Dizengoff99 in Tashkent by UTRO studio - Sheet9
©Baha Khakimov

Balancing airiness and texture, the café embodies the essence of Dizengof/99 adored by many, while embracing the distinct ambiance of Uzbekistan.


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