GharGhar is a home décor company known for sustainable, artisanal contemporary rugs, cushions and other accessories that are inspired by art, culture and heritage. They have launched a new collection of sustainable handmade carpets that will instantly elevate any room!

Project Name: Sustainable Carpets
Studio Name: GharGhar

Sustainable Carpets by GharGhar - Sheet3

Experience the artistry and eco-consciousness of sustainable carpets handmade in India. Embodying a harmonious fusion of craftsmanship and environmental mindfulness, these carpets celebrate the union of beauty and responsibility.

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In the heart of India, skilled artisans weave intricate designs using only natural materials such as wool, jute, cotton, and silk. Through their expertise, these craftsmen create exquisite carpets that not only adorn homes but also promote biodegradability and reduce environmental impact.

Sustainable Carpets by GharGhar - Sheet4

Embracing eco-friendly practices, manufacturers take significant strides towards sustainability. They invest in water recycling methods, harness the power of solar energy, and employ waste reduction techniques. By minimizing their ecological footprint, these manufacturers exemplify a commitment to preserving the planet for future generations.

About GharGhar

GharGhar is a home décor company established to provide affordable luxury to discerning customers through painstakingly created artisanal and sustainable products. Inspired by the childhood game, GharGhar, which let us imagine and build elaborate homes, Co-Founders Kautilya Mewawala and Anushka Ahuja, help you create your dream space with products that are high on style and aesthetics. GharGhar, for them, is a shared vision to evoke a charming and comfortable vibe, be it at an outdoor picnic, a Sunday afternoon gathering, or a late-night catch-up with friends. The products are a mix of childhood quirkiness, and traditional arts and crafts, combined with a contemporary sensibility and refinement. The handcrafted products created by generational artisans celebrate age-old practices every step of the way in order to touch your soul and adorn your modern home in the most unique and delicate way. Fun colours, eye-catching patterns and textures, and exclusive designs are the hallmark of GharGhar creations that are also gentle to nature.


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