Cortex design is one of the leading techno-design-based companies which have gained attention in the past few years. Known for its interventions and understanding of human-technology-based products. They perceive design as an interconnected stance between humans and their routines. They see the world through designers’ lens and bind it with culture and social changes to bring out the best in the market. They are also known for their marketing strategy They strongly believe in a location with their injection molding, die casting, metal stamping and forming, PCB and PCBA partners to ensure production vision and quality are maintained. Quality audits and close communication help ensure their partners meet the Product Requirements Document (PRD) specifications.  ”Design without production is meaningless, production without design is fatal”.

Cortex design sets up a great example of art meets engineering concepts. Their products are well engineered and designed with profound research on human interaction and requirements with the designed product. Their work is directed more towards the lifestyle of humans and related issues, like fire safety interventions, and hospital equipment.

1. Lumatone: “A Tool For Pure Human Expressions”

“Some projects just need to be done because they are cool”

Lumatone isomorphic keyboard holds essentials to reconsider human and music interaction. The product satisfies the microtonalist. The key factor is the adaptability of the product. Users appreciated this factor and the outcomes were surprising too.

Cortex Design- 10 Iconic Products - Sheet1
lumatone_©Cortex Design

2. Sidekick – “Fuse 2.0: New generation of athletic recovery”

Sidekick is an innovative muscle recovery tool that has gained popularity among athletes. The product targets the impacted muscle and provides relief by vibration therapy that stimulates blood circulation and decreases stiffness. Marketing was a major issue and to resolve that Cortex came into play. The designers appreciated the transparency that Cortex maintained during the development of the product.

The hexagonal Sidekick Tool logo has 12-18 sides of the array. The twisted appearance of the device appears to be in motion. It has rotating and movable handles that provide users the ease to use the product on the impacted muscle.

Cortex Design- 10 Iconic Products - Sheet2
Sidekick-fuse 2.0_©Cortex Design
Cortex Design- 10 Iconic Products - Sheet3
Sidekick-fuse 2.0_©Cortex Design

3. UVC Buddy-”Protecting What Matters The Most”

The UVC Buddy concept was initiated around the pandemic, as disinfection was a matter of uttermost importance. The product challenged the extensive and time-consuming conventional disinfection methods. Those methods cost a lot of time and chaos in high-traffic areas. The product works on the principle of a UV lamp that kills 99 percent of the germs and is quick to use because of the convey bet mechanism. The feasibility and usage of technology here landed this product multiple awards like a silver award in Illumination / Special Purpose Lighting.

Cortex Design- 10 Iconic Products - Sheet4
UVC Buddy _©Cortex Design

4. Logan Vision: “Augmented Reality For Firefighters To See The Unseen”

Through thermal imaging, environmental analysis, and remote image sharing with command vehicles, the FVS had the potential to offer unprecedented real-time data for firefighters. The idea was shaped into a product by Cortex Design, They did immense research on the ergonomics and the feasibility of the design. The product has the ethnography to see the unseen. A deep analysis of National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) regulations has been used. Immersion in the culture of firefighters led to a lightweight, balanced design that won’t occlude firefighters’ vision or mobility — one that’s durable enough to perform under a variety of adverse conditions, and flexible enough to fit seamlessly with existing equipment load-outs. 

Cortex Design- 10 Iconic Products - Sheet5
Logan Vision _©Cortex Design

5. Concussion Lab – “Rehabilitative Wearable: Most People Tell You Why Things Can’t Work. That’s Not Our Style”

The product functions in a certain way that targets cervical and related issues. Patients point a laser headlamp at a target on a wall, then close their eyes and turn their heads up, down, left, and right, and then attempt to reorient themselves to the target without using their vision. 

Cortex Design- 10 Iconic Products - Sheet6
Concussion lab _©Cortex Design
Cortex Design- 10 Iconic Products - Sheet7
Concussion lab _©Cortex Design
Cortex Design- 10 Iconic Products - Sheet8
Concussion lab _©Cortex Design

6. Cloud DX VITALITI-Sometimes A Client Arrives With Challenging Work. Others Arrive With A Moonshot

 It is a wearable device that targets 19 chronic medical conditions and helps to keep a check. It is poised to disrupt overstressed healthcare systems and super-empower users by assessing physical wellness outside of clinical settings.

Cortex Design- 10 Iconic Products - Sheet9
Vitaliti _©Cortex Design

7. ConnectTech – “SentryXThings Don’t Have To Look Cool. They Have To Be Cool”

One that would withstand severe impact, vibration, air, and temperature conditions. They needed a user experience partner to create a frictionless design that knew how to make such a product at scale. They also needed a team that could push project requirements on a tight timeline. The solution adapts to a range of adverse conditions, including shock, vibration, thermal radiation, air, and water penetration, while offering exceptional ease of use in a wide range of cockpit settings.

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Cortex Design- 10 Iconic Products - Sheet12

The products of cortex are functional and follow a schematic approach in designing.They follow a judicious cycle of design preparation which makes design objective in nature and the best in the market.They debrief the problem at various levels and resolve it rationally. The point of commonality in all the products is that they have a very defined concept and that is visible in the end product too.The quality and user awareness keeps them at par with others in the market. The products are easy to use and proper user instructions are provided. Cortex design is aiming to achieve objectivity in design and have a starking success rate.


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