“Creative Director by day, bike builder by night, a virtual builder in between.” These are the words of Paul Drake, otherwise known as ZiggyMoto by his 130,000+ Instagram followers. Ziggy Motors, a UK-based fabrication and design brand, is known for its enigmatic design and has created countless motorcycle concepts in the past. 

Ziggy works as a 3D brander with BMW and LEGO and as a product designer which has assisted him to gain experience with the desired level of quality and craftsmanship. He started to build motorcycles as an escape from the constraints surrounding commercial design and repetitive briefs, and in doing so, he created a ziggy moto agency. 

The concept of these motorcycles has been an inspiration to other brands like Ducati, BMW and many more. His render works cover various styles: racer to the bobber. They are all designed in hopes that people would like to use them. With such adorable designs and work, we can presume people to try these mythical machines. Now, let’s look at 10 concepts by Ziggy Motorcycle:

1. BSA441 Victor Inspired Design

10 Concepts by Ziggy Motorcycle - Sheet1
BSA VICTOR 441 _©www.instagram.compCOv5ebEtXxL
10 Concepts by Ziggy Motorcycle - Sheet2
BSA441Victor _ ©www.mecum.comlotsLV0118-3147591969-bsa-441-victor-special

The inspiration for the bike was this beauty by BSA. Knowing his skills for design and love for risks, Paul kept the colour composition similar to the original. He added an extra ochre plate with 36 written on it. The new model made by him looks elongated and advanced. 

The design looks cleaner and gives a more sporty look than the previous one. The seat has been modified to make it more comfortable. The front fender has been raised for a more spacious look.

2. Yamaha XSR 900 Inspired Works

10 Concepts by Ziggy Motorcycle - Sheet3
XSR 900 INSPIRED DESIGN _ ©www.instagram.compCPJm_UStFgt
10 Concepts by Ziggy Motorcycle - Sheet4
XSR900 _ ©autos.maxabout.combikesyamahaxsr

The bike by Yamaha with its taillight at a considerable height is already attractive to look at. His approach to redesign this bike has radically altered its structure. Like most of his works, he designed the bike to look longer, heavier, bolder and give his signature touch. The height of the seat is towering and the fuel tank looks futuristic

With the concept of XSR 900, Ziggy Motorcycle has changed the look of the original bike. The revamped model looks bold and sporty.

3. Honda CRF250 inspired design

10 Concepts by Ziggy Motorcycle - Sheet5
CRF250_ ©m.louis.eumagazinrund-ums-bikebike-datenbankhonda-crf-250-la-euro-4md44a-h-173581
10 Concepts by Ziggy Motorcycle - Sheet6
CRF250 inspired design _©www.instagram.compCP9PIfOtOcU

This bike by Honda series is a line of four-stroke motocross, trail, and dual-sport motorcycles manufactured and marketed by Honda. The bike gives a very strong impression with its strong angles. The bike Paul rendered or redesigned saw its influence from this bike. The first thing he did was to change the colours and produce a very matte finish. He discusses how he likes the colour scheme and the canvas seating designed. 

The design looks like an abstract painting with sharp angles that he retained from the original design. Ziggy motors have a very distinct approach to using the wheels and the lower body while designing. Paul tries to give length to his bikes by stretching out the wheels and connecting them above.

4. Honda CB250 Inspired design

10 Concepts by Ziggy Motorcycle - Sheet7
CB750 _ ©www.bennetts.co.ukbikesocialnews-and-viewsfeaturesbikesfifty-years-of-the-honda-cb750
10 Concepts by Ziggy Motorcycle - Sheet8
CB750 INSPIRED DESIGN _©www.instagram.compCO3UIETntG3

We know how it was widely agreed for CB250 to be the first bike christened with the ‘superbike’ title. It was all the attention for being faster than its rivals, it brought four-cylinder engines to the masses for the first time, and it was the first production bike to use disc brakes. Ziggy motors thought of using this as an inspiration to come with his new works. He gave a whole monochrome look to the bike with enormous wheels. 

The trend of giving an elongated look has been maintained with the rear wheel sticking out. The seat is a small angular space comfortable for one person as opposed to CB250. The fuel tank is huge and at a height. 

5. Locomotive Inspired Design

10 Concepts by Ziggy Motorcycle - Sheet9
LOCOMOTIVE _©www.trendhunter.comtrendsziggy-moto

This concept is believed to be inspired by the locomotives from the 1930s. This innovative concept has a heavy front with a covered front. This fluidic design extends from front to the back of the handlebars. This bike looks like it is built for racing. The colour chosen is red keeping the essence of roadsters. This was designed for Anthony Partridge in collaboration with Olliminium Auto Fabrication. 

6. Ducati Bobber Inspired Work

10 Concepts by Ziggy Motorcycle - Sheet10
Ducati Bobber _ ©in.pinterest.compin392235448767071092
10 Concepts by Ziggy Motorcycle - Sheet11
Ducati Bobber inspired design _ ©www.instagram.compCNyHS7LhuXo

One of the most distinctive trends or fashions in recent years has been the rise of the ‘bobber’ – but what is it exactly? Essentially, it’s a type of cruiser or custom – but a very specific one. So mudguards or fenders got ‘bob-tailed or given a ‘bob job (later becoming ‘Bobbing’), fancy paint was shunned for plain or matt black, just a small, single-seat was used and so on. 

Most of these bikes also had small wheels with fat balloon tyres, which were the norm at the time. This is what drove Paul to redesign. He adds organic forms to the fuel tank in most of the design. To add attention to details, he used colours and a matte finish.

7. CR750 Inspired works

10 Concepts by Ziggy Motorcycle - Sheet12
CR750 _ ©www.classic-motorbikes.comenhonda-cr-750-daytona-replica
10 Concepts by Ziggy Motorcycle - Sheet13
CR750 INSPIRED DESIGN _ ©www.instagram.compCLSWffXBOhj

Honda CR750 comes with a great design. The engine is covered with a shielded control area. The fuel tank is quite elongated to give a unique look. The design by ziggy motors gives it a very unprecedented twist. One thing ziggy motors centres on is the colour while designing any conceptual car and often the choices are immaculate. This can be seen in this design as well. Going for a monochrome look, the design is quite similar to this version. He did add some fluidic changes near the windshield. 

8. All black

10 Concepts by Ziggy Motorcycle - Sheet14
concept bike _ ©www.ziggymoto.co.ukconceptslightbox=dataItem-kb9kwnl81

This bike designed by ziggy motors is one of his most unique works. While the source of inspiration is challenging to tell, it could mean it is completely Paul’s concept. His love for monochrome can be seen in most of his works and this is no different. One uncommon thing is how he covered the whole engine which gives a bulky look to the bike. The cover has merged into the design of the fuel tank which looks magnificent. 

9. Frames

10 Concepts by Ziggy Motorcycle - Sheet15
Capture _ ©www.ziggymoto.co.ukconceptslightbox=dataItem-kb9hfxkr7

This bike is very unique to Ziggy motor’s style. However, how the style and design have explored, tells its ziggy motor’s work. The inspiration for the work is anonymous. Though it is difficult to tell if any brand has made something similar, this could completely be Paul’s work. The way the form is used to give a completely different look to the bike is astounding. This design has a unique framed structure with a common elongated design. 

10. KTM 690 Inspired Works

10 Concepts by Ziggy Motorcycle - Sheet16
KTM 690 _ ©www.ktm.comen-hrmodelssupermotoktm-690-smc-r-2021.html
10 Concepts by Ziggy Motorcycle - Sheet17
KTM 690 Inspired design _©www.instagram.compCKbnIoDh_6d

This bike is celebrated for its design, ergonomics and frame structure. Paul redesigned it and kept some of its features. He changed the seat and gave a curve at the centre while the original design has a flat seating space. The whole bike designed by ziggy motors is blue with a metallic finish. He made the design slicker by experimenting with the form around the rear end. 


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