Apple doesn’t need any introduction. It’s an unbeatable brand in its domain. With the launch of Apple, Steve Jobs has brought a revolution to the tech field. Every product is unique in its own way, and with the advancement in technology, the standard of Apple products is just touching the zenith. No other product can stand by its side. With the tech quality, it has become a status symbol these days. Every year, Apple comes with a new tech-rich set of products along with updating the older ones. So, here are the 10 upcoming built and conceptual, Apple products, which are planned to be launched in near future:

1. iPhone 13 | Upcoming Apple products

We can expect four iPhone 13 models of the same size as that of iPhone12. According to sources, Apple is planning to use a similar design as iPhone 12. The upcoming iPhone 13 can have a 120Hz promotion display with better camera quality and a smaller notch. It is also expected to have an A15 chip, a faster 5G network, and better battery life.

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2. AirPods Pro

Apple is planning to launch AirPods Pro having a compact design and a wireless chip. The design of AirPods Pro is expected to eliminate a short stem that sticks out from the bottom, resulting in an even more rounded shape closer in design to competing for wireless earbuds from Samsung and Google.

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3. Mac Pro

It is expected that Apple is working on its two new versions of Mac Pro, both of which will feature a redesigned chassis that is similar in size. It is said to have high-end silicon chip options with 20 or 40 computing cores, made up of 6 high-efficiency cores. These upgraded chips are also believed to include 64 or 128 core GPUs.

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4. AR Smart Glasses

According to the sources, Apple is working on Augmented Reality Smart Glasses, which is expected to be launched in the next few years. These glasses are assumed to feature a dedicated display, a built-in processor, and an ‘rOS’ or ‘Reality Operating System’. It is said that its inputs will be via touch panels, voice activation, and head gesture. It is also expected to support applications ranging from texting to mapping.

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5. Apple Cars | Upcoming Apple products

Apple Cars are one of the most awaited upcoming products of apple. It said that with this launch, Apple would be revolutionizing the automobile sector too. Apple cars are expected to be fully autonomous vehicles, rather than just an autonomous car software offering. The launch is expected somewhere between 2023 to 2025.

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6. Watch OS 7

One of the unique kinds of watches that Apple has ever made is the Watch OS 7. The watch is said to automatically detect hand washing to innate a 20-sec countdown timer. If the wearer finishes before 20 sec, they will be prompted to continue their washing till the allotted time. This apple watch is also introduced with sleep tracking, taking a holistic approach to sleep by providing valuable tools to the user to get the desired amount of sleep.

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7. TV OS 14

With this launch, Apple TV users can now access the home-kit-enabled video cameras and accessories by using a Siri or control center and receive doorbell notifications on the big screen with live feeds showing who is there. It is said that TV OS 14 expands the multi-user capability to include apple arcade and other games so that anyone in the house can instantly resume their favorite games just exactly where they left off. 

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8. Air Tags

As said the new Air Tags include 31 emojis that can be added to the stainless steel model for free and can be personalized with the name as well. It is expected to have a replaceable battery, and protection against water and dust too. They are said to have an integrated speaker. One can attach them to their gym bag, laptop bag, and anything that needs attention.

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9. iMac Apple Silicon

iMac Apple Silicon is expected to have the latest 10th Gen Intel processors with up to 10 cores. It is said to have a new webcam that is better than the last generation. It is expected to have SSDs for better performance. The iMacs will have the biggest upgrade when Apple will shift to apple silicon and launch new thin-bezel AIOs. 

These new iMacs can have 10 to 12 core processors and can even come up with 32 gigs of unified memory. It will also have an in-house graphics processor that can increase the GPU output and at the same time reduce the thermal TDP of the machine. These iMacs will be based on an arm processor or made from a highly efficient 5nm process. The launch is expected by the end of 2021.

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10. M1 iPad Pro 11” and 12.9” | Upcoming Apple products

The M1 iPad Pro is expected to have M1 chips which vow 50% faster performance and over 1500 times faster than the first iPad ever. The 11” is expected to come with a liquid retina display, while the 12.9” is expected to have many exciting features from liquid retina XDR display, promotion technology, center sage, and whatnot. They are said to contain a 12 MP ultrawide camera with true depth technology, and 54, 2TB of storage. 

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