Cad Crowd is a large network that works to connect that bridges the gap between clients and designers. They bring together clients with top-rated designers, world-class patent attorneys as well as manufacturing firms. The services provided by Cad Crowd ranges from 3D Modelers, CAD designers, CAD Drafters to Industrial designers, Animators, and Product Designers. Cad Crowd acts as a platform for inventors to exhibit their inventions in the market showcasing their product design and development. The designers are pre-screened by the Cad Crowd team to ensure that it connects the clients with the top 1% of the design talent for the utmost satisfaction of its users. 

The 10 most iconic product designs by Cad Crowd designers are-

1. Vector

Designer: BMK Design  

Vector - Sheet1
Vector by BMK Design for Cad Crowd Source: ©

A solution to the high flux of automobiles hitting the road, Vector is the modern solution to this modern problem. One may say that personal vehicles cause harm to the environment and switching to public transport would be a better choice but talking about vectors, not just the small size it exhibits, but the minimal usage of energy and waste discharge into the environment makes it optimum for personal usage without causing harm to nature.

Vector - Sheet2
Vector by BMK Design for Cad Crowd Source: ©
Vector - Sheet3
Vector by BMK Design for Cad Crowd Source: ©

2. Hermetically Sealed Breast Platform

Designer: Raphael Smith

Hermetically Sealed Breast Platform
Hermetically Sealed Breast Platform by Raphael Smith for Cad Crowd Source: ©

The Hermetically Sealed Breast Platform (HSBP) has been designed to provide simultaneous x-ray and ultrasound imaging of breasts with the help of the Aceso dual-modality mammography system. With the rise in cases of breast cancer, this efficient product design has become the need of the hour. Its features include a closed-loop drive system along with high precision (<27um). 

3. Rotating Screeners

Designer: Jan Cavel

Rotating Screeners
Rotating Screeners by Jan Cavel for Cad Crowd Source: ©

Designed for sifting sawdust and other similar materials at smaller scale household businesses, this device segregates heterogeneous materials by their size. The tiny particles pass through the screen as the product rotates and the unwanted or larger particles are leftover in the tunnel. This product makes work easier and faster than the traditional method of picking by hand.

4. Concept Street Bench

Designer: Rob Neontoad

Concept Street Bench
Concept Street Bench by Rob NeonToad for Cad Crowd Source: ©

The Concept Street Bench has been thoughtfully crafted and designed to keep the comfort of its user as a priority. Taking into consideration the anthropometric standard this bench has been designed for mass production and placement in public areas. With a sleek and simple design, this bench is one of the most appreciated products of the Cad Crowd gallery.

5. Bike Trailer

Designer: Jnatzic

Bike Trailer
Bike Trailer by Jnatzic for Cad Crowd  Source: ©

Bike Trailer is a folding trailer that can be doubled for use as a beach wagon, kid rider, grocery cart, and various other similar purposes. The Bike Trailer designed by Jnatiz for Cad Crowd is a lightweight product and yet can hold as well as carry around large weights. It is said to be able to carry a weight equivalent to that of four kids. The bike trailer has also been made corrosion-resistant to add on to its toughness.

6. Laptop Stand

Designer: Mahan

Laptop Stand
Laptop Stand by Mahan for Cad Crowd Source: ©

Laptop Stand designed by Mahan for Cad Crowd exhibits a foldable laptop stand under the category of plastic product design. The table is a single flat unit, its legs fold out from underneath, there are side stands provided within this design which can be pulled out from the legs. The side stands are folded into the legs of the table. This mechanism makes the laptop table lightweight, into a single piece, and hence easily transportable. 

7. Chair 41

Designer: Io Design

Chair 41 - Sheet1
Chair 41 by Io Design for Cad Crowd  Source: ©

Chair 41 has a dynamic design and showcases the blend of form and balance through its shape. Designed by Io Design for Cad Crowd, this product has been highly in demand and has received appreciation for its uniqueness. Finished with wood, this chair exhibits modern design ideologies with a touch of vernacular through its material choice and hence becomes an ideal amalgamation of the past as well as the present. 

Chair 41 - Sheet2
Chair 41 by Io Design for Cad Crowd Source: ©

8. Floating Seed Sprouter

Designer: Sherifel Sheikh

Floating Seed Sprouter
Floating Seed Sprouter by Sherifel Sheikh for Cad Crowd Source:©

Floating Seed Sprouter has been thoughtfully crafted keeping in mind the path for roots to get through, keeping the seed in place, and ensuring a healthy plant growth. In the times of today, where there is a constant attempt to bring nature closer to the urban surroundings, these planters can become handy and easily manageable. This device has also been made to float on water and provide a sufficient amount of water to the roots from time to time. 

9. Mounthoscope

Designer: Falkor 

Mounthoscope by Falkor for Cad Crowd Source: ©

A smart healthcare product, Mounthoscope is designed by Falkor for Cad Crowd. This device is a practical ECG monitor that works in coordination with the apple watch and its built-in optical heart sensor. For proper results, the device must be placed on a person’s chest, and with the help of the watch’s electrodes, the results can be obtained.

10. Zench – Meditation Bench

Designer: Pablo Gosso

Zench – Meditation Bench
Zench- Meditation Bench by Pablo Gosso for Cad Crowd Source: ©

Pablo Gosso has designed this meditation bench for Cad Crowd that has proven to be a masterpiece in this field due to the various benefits that come along with it. It is a lightweight bench which makes it easier to carry around, comes with support for extra weight, has an adjustable seat angle, and has also been cushioned for comfort. 


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