Product design brands have expanded tremendously in recent years. Product design firms use a user-centric design process to create products that offer the best possible user experience. They are in charge of designing things that are both aesthetically pleasing and usable, as well as well-structured and highly practical. To guarantee that their goods can continue to be competitive in the market, they must stay current with the most recent developments in technology and design.

These top 10 product design companies all have the same mission: to develop cutting-edge products that will benefit people now and in the future. With their goods, they broke down barriers, transformed marketplaces, and enlightened the globe. This is not just about design but about changing for better lifestyles.


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James Dyson established the British technology business Dyson in 1991. With a significant emphasis on research and development, Dyson makes items that simplify living by utilising cutting-edge technology. The business uses cutting-edge engineering and design ideas to try to offer answers to common issues. Due to their exceptional performance, convenient features, and appealing designs, Dyson products are industry leaders in their respective categories. Dyson has created an energy-efficient motor with zero carbon emissions as part of its commitment to environmental sustainability.


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One of the top technological businesses in the world, Apple offers goods and services across several sectors, including software development and consumer electronics. Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak founded Apple in 1976, and it has since developed into one of the most recognisable product design brands in the world—the iPhone, Apple’s flagship device, revolutionised mobile computing and altered how people use their phones. The iPad, Apple Watch, Mac laptops, Air Pods, and numerous accessories are all produced by Apple. Apple is well-known for its App Store and its streaming service, Apple Music. 

UX Studio

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In April 2020, UX Studio, one of the world’s fastest-growing product design consulting firms, officially joined the Zeplin agency. In the previous 10 years, the company has grown to a staff of 30 product design specialists working with partners worldwide to produce unique digital products, construct business structures, and decide on the following design goals. The business wants to be more than just a design studio, with expertise in product management, strategic planning, and quick change.


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Elon Musk created the American automobile and energy firm Tesla in 2003. With an estimated worth of more than $800 billion, it is now among the most valuable firms in the whole world. Tesla is an industry leader in electric automobiles, solar energy, and energy storage, as well as robotics, AI, and autonomous driving. The firm hopes to hasten the switch to sustainable energy through the expanding use of clean energy goods.


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Based in Kronberg am Taunus, Germany, Braun is a manufacturer of consumer goods, recognized for its functional and minimalist designs. Electric shavers and record players were among the industrial products designed by the business in the middle of the 20th century.


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Beyond has produced award-winning work for a variety of clients. The business was established in 2010 and has studios in San Francisco, New York, and London. Beyond is a well-known product design and technology company that has worked with household names like Facebook, Google, and Mailchimp. The product design company helps businesses plan, design, and create new digital products and critically assess user involvement.

Echo & Co

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Echo & co is located in Washington, Boston, and New Orleans. Digital technologies are used by this human-centered design and development firm to improve social and environmental welfare for communities all over the world. Research, branding, content writing, storytelling, product design, and development are some of the services offered by Echo & Co.


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The company has worked with more than 300 clients worldwide since its founding in 2016. The company’s talented web designers, developers, marketers, and project managers are responsible for its success. The company gives developing new products a high priority. With over 100 endorsements from well-known companies including AmeriFreight, DOXO, Lyngva, Blockchainloop, and the Think Tank team, Upqode has a strong online presence.

Wandr Studio 

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The company’s creator, Jinny Oh, is a SAAS UX Expert with more than 10 years of experience in business and marketing. A small team of 23 product design specialists from across the world work together and produce digital goods at the product design company in the United States, which was established in 2016. 

The company is proud of the 20 languages that its employees can speak. Even though it is a new player in the market, the product design company has previously worked with well-known clients including the World-Wide Fund for Nature, Samsung, and Adobe.

Design First 

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One of Canada’s largest product design businesses, Design First was established in 1996 by a product designer. The Ottawa-based company works with business owners and entrepreneurs from all around the world. Design First offers aid with branding, web design, marketing, and designing and producing industrial products. It employs engineers, user experience experts, and industrial design experts to cover every stage of the product design process.


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