Opulin, a beacon of sophistication in the realm of home decor, unveils its latest Heiki Collection by Utopia & Utility. Available exclusively at Opulin, this exceptional assortment encapsulates the essence of contemporary elegance.

Project Name- Heiki Collection
Studio Name- Opulin


Inspired by an ingenious repair on an aged sauna ladle handle and a simple yet brilliant fix involving wire, the Heiki vases collection stands as a testament to everyday genius. These soft and bulbous vases boast unique wooden handles, meticulously affixed to the glass after it cools down from the freehand blown process. Each handmade piece is one-of-its-kind and is an embodiment of individuality.


Imported materials make their journey to our German warehouse, where skilled artisans meticulously fit and assemble each element of this extraordinary collection.

Elevate your living space to new heights with the collection, a fusion of artistry and craftsmanship. As each piece is uniquely crafted, promising to bring an unparalleled level of sophistication to your home. Embrace the upcoming year with a transformative makeover, styling your living spaces with the distinctive and timeless allure of Opulin’s Heiki Collection by Utopia & Utility.



Opulin is a house of luxury home accessories brands. It represents brands that have constantly invented themselves and stayed at the top of their respective categories. Under the visionary leadership of Dhara Shroff and Reema Shah, Opulin caters to the discerning sensibilities of design connoisseurs, homeowners, and interior designers looking for the best of European designs and craftsmanship. With meticulous precision, the house of brand curates a distinguished collection of products designed to elevate every facet of home enhancement and foster a truly immersive shopping experience.

In the heart of the Delhi Design District, Opulin has successfully opened its flagship store providing a physical retail presence for its curated collection of luxury European home accessories. They have formed exclusive partnerships with top-tier European brands. As part of the esteemed Sources Unlimited family, Opulin’s sister brands harmoniously present a symphony of complementary furniture, lighting, and wall coverings, resulting in a comprehensive and cohesive design landscape.

With an unwavering commitment to impeccable taste and steadfast attention to even the most minor details, Opulin has earned its place as a trusted sanctuary for those pursuing refined and timeless home accents. Each curated piece within the opulent Opulin collection embodies uncompromising quality, encapsulating the brand’s dedication to creating spaces with elevated sophistication and unbridled beauty.


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