Furnishing, marking a prestigious addition to its luxury furniture collection. Showcasing meticulous craftsmanship and a keen attention to detail, Kuka sofas are poised to redefine the standards of opulence, elegance, and comfort for homeowners.

Project Name: New Luxury Sofas from Kuka Home Furnishing
Studio Name: Dash Square

©Dash Square

This remarkable assortment of sofas and ottomans has been artfully designed, leveraging the principles of color psychology to evoke feelings of serenity, style, and contemporary allure. The result is an atmosphere exuding refined aesthetics and unmatched grace.

 New Luxury Sofas from Kuka Home Furnishing by Dash Square - Sheet4
©Dash Square

Unparalleled Comfort with Innovative Foot Lifting Feature: Indulge in an elevated level of comfort through the functional foot lifting mechanism seamlessly integrated into the new Kuka Castan model. Each facet has been meticulously honed to ensure optimal relaxation and convenience. The sofas feature a tall backrest with subtle curvature, providing a cozy lounging experience without compromising on neck support. Every set includes a complementary ottoman, further augmenting the overall sense of lavishness and ease.

 New Luxury Sofas from Kuka Home Furnishing by Dash Square - Sheet5
©Dash Square

With Kuka sofas, the epitome of regal luxury is now within reach, merging comfort and visual appeal seamlessly. This collection is primed to metamorphose any living area into a haven of sophistication, style, and ultimate repose.

About Dash Square:

Dash Square began its journey 40 years ago under their flagship brand “Looking Good Furniture” which is one of the pioneers in introducing affordable luxury furniture in South India. Dash Square took on the heritage of Looking Good Furniture and built on it to create a brand that brings ultra-modern yet classically designed furniture, upholstery, artifacts and home decor concepts.

For over 2 decades and counting, Dash Square has been a pioneer in the luxury furniture space not only in Bengaluru but also in India. They have strived hard and been persistent with their efforts to become a household brand and a one-stop solution for one’s furniture requirements.

Dash Square offers India the best in furniture and design, and the latest models, as soon as they are released internationally. They have the widest range of furniture, be it in price, styles or material compositions. They have collaborated with some of the finest and leading designer brands from Europe, America and Asia like Ashley Furniture from the US, KUKA HOME from China and Natuzzi and Scavolini from Italy, to offer some of the finest furniture in the world.

The range on display spans everything from sofas, recliners and home theatre seating, to dining ensembles, accessories and bedrooms, all under a single roof. Dash Square has 35 points of sale across the country out of which 24 are luxury retail stores.


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