Luxury home furnishings brand, Maishaa, recognized for its superior quality fabrics in home décor and introduction of international textile brands in India, proudly presents Décor Mania. This exquisite series of fabrics by Rubelli redefines luxury with its timeless appeal and exquisite designs, seamlessly blending the worlds of home and art.

Project Name: Nature-Inspired Designs for Captivating Spaces
Studio Name: Maishaa

Nature-Inspired Designs for Captivating Spaces by Maishaa - Sheet1

The Décor Mania collection features an exquisite ensemble of nine unique and refined designs, each weaving a captivating narrative were nature reigns supreme. With a diverse range of themes, these designs transport us to enchanting realms, from the surreal landscapes of Mexico to the timeless elegance of floral patterns inspired by eighteenth-century aesthetics. Each fabric in this collection is a masterpiece in itself, meticulously crafted to bring the essence of these captivating themes into your living spaces.

Nature-Inspired Designs for Captivating Spaces by Maishaa - Sheet3

Among the collection are patterns featuring a charming all-over decoration inspired by delicate chamomile flowers, as well as oriental scenes adorned with stylized elements. Additionally, the vibrant interpretation of a toile de Jouy, enlivened with coloured watercolours, adds a refreshing and contemporary twist to the collection.


Its dynamic and artistic appeal brings a burst of energy and creativity to interior decor. Through a meticulous combination of natural fibre yarns and technical yarns, each design within the Décor Mania collection offers unparalleled versatility. These fabrics effortlessly enhance various types of living spaces, whether it’s a cozy bedroom, an elegant dining area, or a contemporary living room.

About Maishaa:

With a commitment to offering their customers furnishing textiles created with love and passion, Maishaa brings fabrics across from the world. With a belief that the merit of a product is functionality while beauty is enchantment, they innovate and produce textiles that turn ordinary things like home linen and furnishing fabrics in to elements of ultimate luxury and good living.

All collections of Maishaa are designed by a pool of international designers and manufactured at their state-of-the-art facilities.


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