“The scenery of the world is created by the light, so does the scenario of life. The room is lit up by light, and so does memory.”

― Moment Product Line, Xcellent Design

The symbol for ‘excellent’ (Yōu) in Chinese, consists of only six strokes rather than the average thirteen for any traditional character. That alone speaks volumes about the simplicity and excellence of the calligraphy and the expected purpose of the symbol. Where excellence is repeatedly regarded as the highest virtue, the same is evident in the most distinguished Southeast Asian product designs of late.

Xcellent, founded in 2001, is a company that specializes in industrial design and manufacturing and offers professional services and high-quality products to various international brands. In 2014, the company officially established its brand: Xcellent Design, and launched a series of innovative LED lighting and ergonomics chairs. The branding journey of Xcellent Design thus began.

1. Sunrise

Xcellent Design- 10 Iconic Products - Sheet1
Sunrise_©Xcellent Design, n.d.

Inspired by the pictogram of the Sun in the ancient Oracle Chinese script, this beautiful adaptation of Sky, Sun and Earth is an ingenious product design that speaks to nature most directly and purposed for the lover of symbology and cutting-edge technological innovation. Like all signature Xcellent products, it is illuminated by millions of 3D Microlens that are built on the surface of acrylic glass to control the luminescence precisely with minimum light loss. Prepensed to accompany you from the study room to the trekking hills with an ergonomic handle that makes it a perfect companion for every mood and setting.

2. Flying Fish

Xcellent Design- 10 Iconic Products - Sheet2
Flying Fish_©Xcellent Design, n.d.

In the ancient philosophy of Zhuang-Zi, which contains stories and anecdotes that exemplify the carefree nature of the ideal Taoist sage, he pioneered the philosophy of late Taoism. In the philosophical and spiritual pursuit of Chinese origin, Taoism emphasizes living in harmony with the ‘Tao’ or ‘Universe’. Taking inspiration from the Taoist sage, Xcellent came up with a design that harmonizes man and technology with nature and its perfection. Xcellent holds a similar design philosophy that dictates aesthetic function in harmony with efficient manufacture and use. Hence, the wings, following signature Xcellent fashion, are composed of millions of microlens LEDs that illuminate them in a kind of smokey vibrance, which is almost paradoxical, but unequivocally beautiful to see. Being an extremely user-friendly design, it also permits the modification and re-adjustment of the wings and counterweight to adjust the position and general direction of the flight of the seemingly illuminating bird.

3. Homecoming

Xcellent Design- 10 Iconic Products - Sheet3
Homecoming (L) _©Xcellent Design, n.d.

Observations from the local geography led the designers of this brilliant piece to Turtle Island, Northeast of Taiwan. ‘Homecoming’ talks about the people who return home after their adventures and travels to spend time with their loved ones over bottomless tea, a fistful of nuts and endless conversations. Uncannily shaped like the silhouette of the active volcano, that is the Turtle Island, this elegant product is minimal in essence, maximal in function, and exquisite in aesthetics. 

4. Moment

Xcellent Design- 10 Iconic Products - Sheet4
Moment_©Xcellent Design, n.d.

Like a track connecting several stations in the manner of a homogenous organ, ‘Moment’ expresses the emotion of connecting different moments of life to create a landscape of memories that illuminates the interiors of the story. Xcellent offers this design as a testament to its dedication and understanding of human behaviours and intimate relationships. Transforming the track into a part of the aesthetics and using its advantages of modularization and easy movement, it lets light illuminate every memorable moment dexterously.

5. Crescent

Xcellent Design- 10 Iconic Products - Sheet5
Crescent (L)_©Xcellent Design, n.d.

A crescent shape is a shape or emblem used to represent the lunar phase, or by extension, a symbol representing the Moon itself. It is the most distinguishable shape that humanizes the association with the Moon. Such is the power of symbology and even more so of clever design. Crescent allows any interior space to be dynamic, multi-faceted and ever-changing through its phase-changing design through a dynamic rotation structure that presents multiple moon phases and metaphorically the essence of life itself. Two different sizes and an almost unlimited number of rotations creates the possibility of infinite visual play and imagination. Combine two or more pieces, for there is a unique design for every space.

6. Spark 16L (Umbrella)

Xcellent Design- 10 Iconic Products - Sheet6
Spark- 16L (Umbrella) _©Xcellent Design, n.d.

‘Umbrella’, as the name suggests, composes a parasol on the ceiling. With sixteen silk-like luminous rectangles floating in space, Xcellent Design comes with this exquisite model to fill any double-height volume with the large model and single-height one with a smaller version of the Umbrella. Three dimensions and specifications offer numerous options for design possibilities. And since each rectangular panel is rotatable and dynamic, it broadens the horizon of what one can achieve with any number of modifications. 

7. Trinity

Xcellent Design- 10 Iconic Products - Sheet7
Trinity_©Xcellent Design, n.d.

‘Trinity’ is a trio of warped planes floating in space that resembles a shuttle in its most mature form. With an aluminium skeleton frame that acts as a backbone for equally sensitive looking but sturdy refraction panels, Trinity is as science-fiction as it is technologically illuminating. The light reflects among three warping components to generate a blooming vision like a luminous sculpture. And just like all signature Xcellent products, it is paired with a dimmer that allows for maximum efficiency and ambience control.

8. Spring Plum

Xcellent Design- 10 Iconic Products - Sheet8
Spring Plum_©Xcellent Design, n.d.

“Spring has sprung, the Plum is blossoming, implying the retirement of the frost. Sunshine is ample, for a bright future is on the horizon”. Such is the ambience and quality of ‘Spring Plum’, which takes home anyone who experiences its subtle warmth. Like dramatis personae, this Plum of Spring is key to making an absorbing eye-catcher out of any average space by adding a bit of drama. 

9. Galaxy

Xcellent Design- 10 Iconic Products - Sheet9
Galaxy_©Xcellent Design, n.d.

“Spiralling through space at a breathtaking pace! The ‘Galaxy’ has taken inspiration from the 60s retro age of space exploration, exceedingly modern in its design and essence and similar in size to another retro tech of the time, namely, the Vinyl. At 60cm diameter, ‘Galaxy’ stands out in every way as the most mid-century modern design in the Xcellent catalogue of products. Taking a closer look at the discs, one cannot help but wonder about the technological superiority of the device as one witness a 4mm thick light guide with millions of LEDs creating a smokey hue of incandescence. Arrange a few Galaxy(s) in composition, and one can make their local group!

10. Lucy

Lucy_©Xcellent Design, n.d.

What do you get when you put together East and West? ‘Lucy’. Inspired simultaneously from the Victorian curves of classic England and the Chinese Oriental roots of the far east, this remarkable piece of table lamp holds a wonderfully simple outlook while maintaining the complex relationship between two distant worlds. Five petals with a charming curved edge join at the centre to form the luminaire, and with the base resembling a half vase, the visual balance of lightweight LED petals on top of a sturdy base with Victorian curves gives Lucy a proportional charm of its own. 


Xcellent Design. (n.d.). Xcellent Design. [online] Available at: www.xcellentdesign.com/ 


Priyansh is a multi-disciplinary architect + designer. A creative nerd who gets geeky about art would jump at the chance to skydive and in another life would like to travel the world practising Jiu-Jitsu.

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