OKHA’s BIJOU (French for Jewel) captures and references the raw and the refined aspects of the gemstone, the BIJOU is available in a range of finishes and materials that express this diversity of moods and character, a shifting palette of attitudes.

Project Name: Bijou Black
Architect Name: OKHA


Like the haphazard, irregular form of a gemstone, the forces of nature that shaped it are evident in its seemingly random asymmetry and surface texture, the uncut stone in its raw state has a deep, resonant connection to the earth and the metamorphic process that created it.

“The table is composed of two surfaces using contrasting materials and irregularly positioned legs.

Bijou Black By OKHA - Sheet7

The plan view of the table shows a curvaceously organic form, like that of a pebble, shaped by water over time, a form influenced and coerced by nature rather than machine or computer.”

The various finish options; from blackened and waxed mild steel to antiqued brass to high polished brass, take the table’s character from gothic, moody, shadow tones to gleaming, precious artefact, much in the same way the gemstone exists in its primal state and once cut, as a dazzling jewel.

Bijou Black By OKHA - Sheet8

“The overall effect is that of a beautifully raw and somewhat brutal piece of jewellery.”

The upper shelf of the table only occupies the centre space of the organic outline, leaving vacant, negative space either side; much like a gemstone set in a ring or on a brooch, the negative space frames the centrepiece. The lower shelf is a thin template of pure metal, the floating tabletop above is available in a variety of marble and granites as well as glass.


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