IDS by Innovative Design Group epitomizes luxury lighting by seamlessly blending opulence with cutting-edge innovation. Demonstrating an exceptional grasp of lighting design, IDS introduces the iconic Daphine lamp by Lumina to the Indian market. Renowned for its timeless elegance and unmatched functionality, the Daphine lamp stands as a testament to superior Italian craftsmanship and design ingenuity.

Project Name: Daphine
Studio Name: IDS by Innovative Design Group

Daphine by IDS by Innovative Design Group-Sheet1
©IDS by Innovative Design Group

First envisioned in 1975 by the inventive mechanical engineer Tommaso Cimini, the Daphine lamp has emerged as a symbol of sophistication and versatility. Its innovative design incorporates a pivoting diffuser, an articulated arm, and an electromechanical transformer, perfectly embodying Lumina’s ethos of “Lots of light, not much lamp.”

Daphine by IDS by Innovative Design Group-Sheet2
©IDS by Innovative Design Group

With a sleek and minimalist aesthetic, the Daphine lamp seamlessly complements a variety of interior environments, from modern office spaces to contemporary homes. Its adaptability makes it an ideal choice for multiple applications, including reading desks, display counters, and ambient lighting in hospitality settings.

Daphine by IDS by Innovative Design Group-Sheet3
©IDS by Innovative Design Group

The Daphine’s iconic status in the realm of lighting design is underscored by its inclusion in esteemed museum collections globally, such as the Brooklyn Museum, the Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris, and the Triennale in Milan. Its enduring popularity highlights the timeless brilliance of its original design concept.


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