Nivasa, a leading name in the field of interior design, unveils exquisite products to enhance the home bar area into a blend of artistic flair and refined sophistication. Inspired by childhood memories, Nivasa’s Jenga Bar, Jenga Bar Stool, and Kumo Ceiling Light, infuses home decor with playful charm and unmatched elegance.

Project Name: New collection of Bar and Chairs
Studio Name:  Nivasa

New collection of Bar and Chairs by Nivasa-Sheet1

A conversation starter, the Jenga Bar can become the pièce de résistance in a space. An example of expert craftsmanship, each meticulously chiselled cube in the bar, assembled with mathematical precision, stands as a testament to craftsmanship. With intricate ridges and textures seamlessly fitting together, they create a visual tapestry unlike any other. The facade, adorned with inviting gaps, encourages tactile exploration, pushing the boundaries of marble usage and showcasing the meticulous craftsmanship behind every detail. This labour of love represents hours of dedication, blending art and design into a stunning masterpiece, adding visual interest and dimension to the space through Jenga block-inspired geometric patterns.

The Jenga Bar Stool too stands out as a statement of sophistication and refinement with its leather detailing, wood, and metal accents reminiscent of the luxurious aesthetics. The backrest is made of a braided weave that comes together in a circular and elaborate formation. The leather is pasted to form a rope design that is then woven together to form this intricate three-way braid.

New collection of Bar and Chairs by Nivasa-Sheet2

Enhancing the captivating atmosphere are the impeccable lighting solutions by Nivasa. The stunning Kumo Ceiling Light, gracefully suspended from above, emanates elegance and sophistication. With its polished metal finish, distressed brass accents, and gentle glow, it enhances the aesthetics of any home with unparalleled charm.

Discover Nivasa’s design philosophy, unlocking your space’s hidden potential, creating a masterpiece of art and elegance.


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