When I first started thinking about how to design the layout of this rectangular plan,my desire was to create a focus point in the open resting area and locate the hammam fuctions in this zone.

Project Name: Mota Spa
Studio Name: Aykut + Hall
Status: Built

Mota Spa By Aykut+Hall

( A Turkish bath-hammam-is a place of public bathing associated with the culture of the Ottoman Empire and more widely the Islamic world. A variation on it as a method of cleansing and relaxation became popular during the Victorian era, and then spread through the British Empire and Western Europe.)

Mota Spa By Aykut+Hall

There was very limited space for all the functions we wanted to locate, So I started playing with angled wall of the outside no1,located the lobby like a triangled shape and continued the lockers parallel to the angled wall.When I continued through the space,I located the massage rooms,no2 and all other functions parallel to the straight walls and again in the middle I had an open space where I could locate the steam bath,resting,sauna and hammam.

Mota Spa By Aykut+Hall

All the traditional hammams in Turkey has a round dome and a big round or hexagonal laying platfom in the middle for the massage guy to make his session.But it was impossible for us to make this central platform in the middle because it was becoming very big in round shape and a person had to lay comfortably in this platform.Although this was an open space,we needed curtains to be closed around during session for privacy.So I used the longest wall to locate the hammam platform just next to its wall,and combined the traditional hammam sink wall to the central platfrom.no3

Mota Spa By Aykut+Hall

Basicly the triangular shaped plan sauna no6 has made all my layouts possible in this zone.We customdesigned and produced our sauna with one of the best producers in Turkey. The round ottoman no4 was designed together with the organic shape tree in the middle for a quick rest in this area.I designed also one more resting for more than 20 min. next to this zone no5,creating a more private and isolated semi open room.This room can be used also for infrared sauna upon request. In the designed space I tried to give a surreal look with decoration and continued this feeling even in the choices of tiles in the WC areas and lobby ceiling decoration.

Mota Spa By Aykut+Hall


Leyla Dogrular an architect and interior designer in Istanbul who has graduated from Istanbul Technical University, Department of Architecture. Leyla’s passion for design in evident in every project that she is involved with from the interior design and decoration of small residential properties through to new build of large industrial premises.

Leyla achieves to create a space with the desired level of luxury and genuineness, in a fast and intimate manner and her designs never repeats it self as she cares about the clients’ vision in the design process. Leyla takes her inspiration from Europe and Asia where she has completed many projects over the last decade, having worked in the United Kingdom, Italy, Egypt, Baku and many locations in Turkey, however still considers that Istanbul is her spiritual and aspirational home.

Leyla commenced trading as Aykuthall architectural interiors in 2003 and has completed many commercial projects including hotels, restaurants, offices and showrooms as well as countless residential schemes. The eclectic style of decoration combines the cutting edge modern with traditional styles with such panache and seamless harmony. Her company Aykuthall has been awarded the Five Star,Best Interior Design _ Private Residence Category in European Property Awards 2017,in London.

Aykuthall have recently also become involved in the design and construction of combined cycle power plants working closely with EPC contractors and clients on major international projects ensuring that the designs for the control rooms are aesthetically pleasing and functional providing a relaxing and comfortable working atmosphere in a high stress industrial location.

Leyla has also designed the control desks for these projects using the principals of ergonomic design. Aykuthall are a renowned architectural consultancy in the international projects arena having completed schemes with the following clients; OMV, METKA, RWE, NPOWER, Power Projects, Dow Corning,Azenco Az, Karamanci Holding, Ortaanadolu AS., Cross jeans-Sikmakas, Mega Tekstil-Kipas, Sateks Tekstil, Emper Insaat, Eroglu Holding, Hunkemoller,Renault Mais,Altavia Turkey. Türkiye Renault Store Showrooms,Sunflower 107 Residence Complex,Kırıkkale CCPP,Safran Blocks Bakou,PR Wellness Club in Aktau City Kazakhstan has been executed in the last 3 years and now,ongoing projects are; Two inovative hotel projects and Spa in Levent/İstanbul and two luxury villas in Girne/Cyprus.



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