Architecture indeed is a profession with numerous experiences, some funny, some intense, some offensive and some teach us lessons for life, after all, life is all about fun and learning. And if you are reading this blog you are either an architect or an architecture student who can completely relate to this list of experiences we face in our day-to-day schedule. People often find our tools, models and collection of stationery curious and ask us the dumbest questions about our work, apparatuses and profession. 

Here are some common myths and mentality of people of what they think of architecture as a profession and by extension architects.

  • Free Designs

After I completed my third year, I applied for a 2-month internship in an interior design firm in Noida, Delhi NCR. I started my work there and I was given a project to design a master bedroom for a penthouse worth 3 cr. So, the owner assigned this project to our firm. We worked hard for a month and completed the proposal with numerous changes he asked us to do. After a week when he approved the design, we contacted him to start the construction, that client just vanished and we were told by a mutual acquaintance that he hired a contractor to design his penthouse.   

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So, they are ready to spend truckloads of money on other stuff but not ready to pay a designer for their idea and hard work_©leewardists


  • Architects Are Rich :/

I was in 11th standard when I decided that I’ll pursue architecture as a profession, at that time art and buildings fascinated me, I was curious to learn about it. So, I talked to a senior who was in 3rd year of B.Arch. it’s a vast and interesting profession you should go for it”, she said, I asked her about the future opportunities, she said, “it’ll all be great you’ll get good money”. She said all those things because her father is an architect who owns a firm, so she had a back. After joining architecture soon enough I realized that all that I was told was mere sugar-coated words which do not matter now. 🙂

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I wish!!! _©Arch.Memez/Facebook
  • Sheet Holder = Water Bottle

On a regular weekday when I was in the first year of B.Arch., I was returning from college in a metro with my parallel bar, t-scale, and other necessary apparatus. A lot of people were gazing as I was loaded with home automation services stuff. So, one curious lady came to me and began to inquire about the stuff I was carrying. One thing that I suppose intrigued her was my violet-coloured sheet holder, so, she asked, “is it a water bottle?”, I and my friends giggled for a moment but explained to her the function of a sheet holder.

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Sheet holder or water bottle!_ ©google images
  • Architecture? Huh! Just Lines And Colouring!

It was a cold evening in December, the end of the semester, and close to the deadline of final submission. After a tiring all night non-stop hard work finally, jury day ended. I and some of my school friends from various other professional courses i.e. law and engineering decided to meet. Straight from college, we went to a café. As usual, they asked me what’s in my portfolio, I reluctantly said it’s nothing that you would like to see. They insisted and said, “don’t feel embarrassed for your artwork and drawing”. It was the most offensive thing anyone ever said to me. After looking at my sheets and an earful lecture for 3 hrs my friends understood their mistake.

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literally me when someone says, “architecture is just colouring”!!! _©the archi boy/Facebook
  • Anyone Can Make A Model!

A before my jury worked hard on a model like any architecture student who put my heart and hard work into that project. The next day after the jury when I was returning home, my daily metro ride with a friend. We were standing with our models, people started staring as soon as we entered the metro. An uncle came to us and asked us about siphonapthor website and our models and what we are pursuing, we calmly entertained all his questions. Until at last, he said those hammering words on our face “what’s peculiar about these models anyone can make this”. Angrier and frustrated than ever me and my friend barged out of the train at the very next station, which was not even our stop, and told the guy how much hard work we put into what we do and you can’t comment anything.

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Yeah right anyone can get injuries and make a model_©leewardists
  • So, You Are An Architecture >_<

If you are an architect or a student of architecture, it is definite that you’ve experienced being called an architecture instead of an architect. Either your relatives or friends have surely addressed you as an architecture. This must’ve happened with most of us and it’s annoying when someone calls you something you create and not by your designation. :p 

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I am an “ARCHITECT”_©leewardists
  • 5 Years? People Complete Their Masters In That Much Time 

At the beginning of my journey in architecture school – everyone, friends, and family were always curious about the status and achievements in my life. They always asked me about my college and what course I am pursuing. “What’s the duration of your course and when will you graduate?”, my uncle asked, I replied it’s 5 years. Amazed he looked at me and said my son will complete his post-grad by then and you’ll still be a graduate. My reply to his judgmental comment was,” yes professional courses like architecture and medical require time and engagement”.

please let me live!! _©Kim Nguyen





A highly motivated architecture student, environmentalist, reader & an energetic person, Vibhuti Bhambri is interested in various sustainable, historical, traditional and economical aspects of architecture, curious to learn, research and spread this knowledge via blogs and writings. Aiming to use knowledge and experience in day to day life.