Architecture has had a significant impact due to notable buildings and construction processes.

Architecture has evolved. Being a 12-year-old, the buildings looked pretty cool to those young, naive eyes. However, after learning what architecture is and how it has persuaded humans from the beginning, the knowledge has progressed in such a way that architecture is not only the construction of buildings but much more than that.

With context to the recently added Netflix series “Life on Our Planet” (narrated by Morgan Freeman), it can be seen that architecture has been around since the era of prehistoric properties. Caves and underwater homes for the animals themselves are pretty much architecture. Examples like ferrets and prehistoric mammals lived in small caves with the bare minimum of lighting and a safe and secluded roof for themselves. But whereas the different inspirational context can be taken from the prehistoric corals that dwelled even under 8000 meters of sea level, the vibrant colors and everything seen there can be a great example of the biomimicry of architecture. 

Her Perspective evolution through architecture - SHeet1
Coral reef_

Like this, architecture dwells in everything we see, haven’t seen and will see in the future. Architecture is more than space—an equally comfortable and essential space for not only humans but also all the living things present on the planet Earth. Acting as a home itself, Earth’s architecture has much more to learn and explore. including the buildings as well as the human dwelling style, culture, and much more.

The latest perception that changed the total perspective is that even a small change in the tiniest space can make a big difference. As a working architect, exploring small spaces and creating aesthetic visuals around them are more exciting than constructing a huge scale with only a similar complex of buildings and plans.

In recent times, architecture has played a major role everywhere. Architects are being hunted for people who depend on them to make their living spaces a better and more interesting place in their lives. “With great power comes great responsibility.” This world-famous phrase is from the movie Spider-Man.To incorporate this into architecture, it is a known fact that creating a livable space is the responsibility of an architect. So, the mind of an architect acts as a great power, which makes people (clients) want them. 

With that being said, even a small, minute thing plays a major role in shaping one’s perspective. Architecture, often seen as a complex and mysterious field, can be approached from a human-centric perspective. Architecture is fundamentally about designing human environments. Our engagement with these spaces shapes our thinking, which in turn influences how we design and interact with our surroundings. It aims to strip away excess and unnecessary elements from designs, embracing minimalism. Unlike modernism, postmodernism seeks to retain cultural and historical references. It celebrates the sentimental value associated with architecture.

Modern Architectural building_

Abandoned buildings wear their solitude like faded garments. Broken windows stare into emptiness. I wonder about the lives once lived within these walls. Who laughed here? Who wept? Their echoes linger, haunting and poignant. In the grand theater of architecture, we are both audience members and performers. Each structure, from a humble cottage to a soaring skyscraper, invites us to dance, remember, and dream. Architects are alchemists. They weave dreams into blueprints, transforming imagination into tangible form.

Architecture and human life have been symbiotic partners in each other’s evolutionary growth. As human habits changed, so did architecture. Architecture is more than just a shelter; it’s a form of spatial storytelling that mediates human knowledge of the world. The layout of a space and the textures contribute to a person’s health, mood, and productivity. As human habits pushed the world to teeter on the cusp of climate change and global warming, architecture attempted to supply solutions. The relationship between urban planning and public health is essential, taking into account the importance of trees as public health infrastructure since many studies have shown that plants are extremely beneficial in terms of reducing the rates of depression, asthma, and heart disease.

In essence, architecture for people with disabilities is about creating an environment for the user to experience. It’s about removing the traditional barriers in certain architectural practices and making spaces as barrier-free and convenient as possible.

In conclusion, architecture has evolved from a simple construction method to a more complex concept. It has been present since prehistoric times, with prehistoric animals living in caves and underwater homes. The vibrant colors and biomimicry of architecture serve as inspiration. The responsibility of an architect grows and explores the unknown depths every time with the thought of uniqueness. Lastly, it is also stated that even the tiniest space matters to make use of it sufficiently.

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This is Aafreen Zia S A, an aspiring Architect from Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. Zia likes exploring the world of Architecture. She is passionate and keen when it comes to writing and journaling the various perspectives among generations and Art of Architecture.