2DVW has realized 18 homes on a compact plot of approximately 1,200 m². The lot is located on the Polderstraat. The location, the urban planning preconditions, the unobstructed view to the north and the possible future development there ensure that the plot actually has three fronts. This results in an approach that, in terms of the method of allotment, is not in line with the allotment at the neighbors in the Polderstraat. These are relatively small houses with very deep backyards.

Completion: 2018
Architect: 2DVW Architecten B.V. Bvba, Antwerp
Client: SHM De Ark
Location: Oud-Turnhout, Belgium
Program: 18 social housing units
Team: J. De Wachter, E. Jakovele, A. Kalinauskas, E. Kang, G. Castanheira
Photographer: Milena Villalba

Polderparel by 2DVW Architecten - Sheet2
©Milena Villalba

Our approach offers an answer tailored to the context, the possible development prospects of the immediate environment and the program proposal as formulated by de Ark.

The program of the Ark calls for 18 homes in different types on this site. Our approach starts from a one-piece building that takes up the entire footprint of the lot. Subsequently, various transformations are carried out that are imposed by preconditions (urban development regulation, program, parking, orientation,…) and that we consider necessary from an architectural point of view. In this way, we arrive at an appealing building that offers a tailor-made response to all imposed preconditions in terms of integration into the environment, the program for homes and parking, spatial quality, social quality of life and architecture.

Polderparel by 2DVW Architecten - Sheet3
©Milena Villalba

The plan provides for 18 homes of different types and 24 parking spaces. The following principles have been taken into account in the design of the individual homes:

DOUBLE ORIENTATION – All homes have a double orientation so that residents can benefit from sunlight entering the home throughout the day. The living space on the ground floor connects to the private outdoor space and is in relation to the inner world of the building. The communal outdoor space here also connects to the living space of the house. Depending on the housing type, the sleeping areas are located on the outside or inside of the plan.

Polderparel by 2DVW Architecten - Sheet4
©Milena Villalba

Plan layout – Due to a logical arrangement of the spaces, the limitation of circulation distances, well thought-out arrangement of windows and doors, the houses have good proportions, good furnishability and large living spaces.

CONSTRUCTION – The houses have a logical and rational supporting structure made up of bays, creating efficient spans. By using standard details and standard dimensions, a cost-reducing repetition factor is created.

©Milena Villalba

TECHNIQUES – The wet zones in the houses are linked vertically and horizontally. Space is always reserved for tubes. Toilets on the first floor are located directly at the ducts.


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