Contemporary and respectful of its environment, the campus has been designed in direct contact with the land and vegetation, so that it lives in harmony with the seasons.

Project Name: SNCF Training Campus
Office Name: A+Architecture
Office Website:
Firm Location: Montpellier / Paris / Toulouse (France)
Completion Year: 2022
Gross Built Area (m2/ ft2): 12 265 m2
Project Location: Bègles, FR
Lead Architects: A+Architecture
Photo Credits: Camille Gharbi / Sylvain Mestre

SNCF Training Campus by A+Architecture - Sheet3
©Camille Gharbi

The ribs of the façades and the variability of its colours accentuate this perception of buildings that evolve in resonance with the site, which has a strong landscape identity.

The tertiary and training building is a true showcase for the campus. It is widely open and accessible via its forecourt, and marks the entrance to the site. The technical hall lies opposite. Between the two buildings, a street is created and treated as an urban promenade. Calm and serene, planted on both sides, it provides shade and coolness on summer days. The accommodation building stands slightly apart but is easily visible from the site entrance.

SNCF Training Campus by A+Architecture - Sheet5
©Camille Gharbi

The three buildings coexist and face each other through a triangular organisation, generating the heart of the campus in its centre. Here, life after classes can take place. Large outdoor spaces offer relaxation, games, sports, with spaces that are directly connected to the indoor social areas.

SNCF Training Campus by A+Architecture - Sheet7
©Camille Gharbi

Functional and comfortable, the project is a joy to live in for all users. The landscaped areas diversify the views and create a cleverly varied harmony of break areas that allow everyone to find their place. The proposed atmosphere is built around these shared, known and recognised references; open and luminous spaces, generously planted and adorned with noble, durable, vibrant or transparent materials.


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