The InVert™ Self-Shading Window System uses smart thermobimetal inside a standard insulated-glass unit (IGU) cavity to dynamically reduce heat gain and the use of expensive air conditioning. Using zero energy and no controls to operate, each individual thermobimetal piece reverses its curl when heated by the sun and instantly flips over to block solar radiation from entering the building. As a result, the energy used for air conditioning is reduced by 25%, which in turn helps to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions.

Studio Name: TBM Designs LLC
Design Team: Doris Sung
Area: 160sf
Year: 2021
Location: California State University in Long Beach, California, USA
Photography Credits: TBM Designs

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With InVert™, the thermobimetal pieces start in a curved neutral position. When the temperature rises, the individual pieces, embedded with controlled behavior, reverse their curl and redistribute their center of gravity to the opposite side of the pivot into an active position. The distribution of mass optimally determines whether the single piece will toggle to block the sun’s rays from entering the building OR allow the greatest amount of light into the interior. At the end of the day, the pieces return to their neutral position to begin the cycle the next day. During periods of cooler external temperatures the pieces will stay in their passive position, allowing the sun to heat the interior of the building.

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For years, the shading solution has been to introduce dark films on the window, very much like wearing sunglasses indoors, which is where we spend 90% of our lives. In order to get the view we demand, we have sadly sacrificed human wellness. With our innovative self-shading window system, we have solved that problem. Our windows use clear glass while providing the same shading benefits AND retaining the natural daylighting and full color spectrum that are essential to human wellness…thus improving productivity, mood and sleep.

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This installation at the California State University in Long Beach. It is a working pilot that is monitoring energy use.


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