Quang Ninh is a coastal province in the northeastern region of Vietnam. Quang Ninh is considered as a miniature Vietnam, because there are sea, islands, plains, midlands, hills and borders. This is a famous province for coal mining, Vietnam’s seaport and Ha Long Bay is a world heritage and natural wonder.

Project Name: Quang Ninh Media Center
Architecture Firm: HGAA
Website: www.hgaa.vn
Firm Location: Hanoi, Vietnam
Completion Year: 2021
Gross Built Area: 14500 m2
Project location: Ha Long, Quang Ninh, Viet Nam
Lead Architects: Nguyen Van Thu
Photo credits: HGAA

Additional Credits
Design Team: Nguyen Minh Duc, Trinh Vu Kien, Nguyen Tien Thanh, Tran Thanh Quang

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The construction land covers an area of 2 hectares, belongs to Cao Xanh ward, Ha Long city, Quang Ninh province. The land is located in the new coastal planning area of the city, overlooking Cua Luc Bay, a busy area with the activities of transport ships carrying materials and goods. This is the inspiration for us to create a port where the goods are packages of information.

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Quang Ninh Provincial Media Center will be the workplace of many provincial media agencies such as Quang Ninh Newspaper, Provincial Radio and Television Station, Ha Long Newspaper. This will be the first model to unify the press agencies at the provincial level, the first “converged newsroom” in the country to increase efficiency and save costs in the coordination between units.

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Design goals

  1. Strengthening the connection between people and people, people with nature and their surroundings.
  2. Propose an innovative, unique, attractive solution that can become a highlight of the city’s typical architecture, showing development, dynamism and creativity.
  3. Suitable for the landscape, construction site as well as local culture and people.
  4. Efficient, flexible performance, can be changed over time and according to the purpose of use in each period.
  5. Appropriate and sustainable technology and construction materials with reasonable time and cost.

The work represents an intersection between land and sea, human and nature, function and form.

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The Provincial Communication Center is a multi-function building, with many different agencies such as newsrooms, television stations, data centers, etc. with different requirements for the space used. Design plans need to find a solution that meets each specific function while still reconciling the overall form, and at the same time reflecting the relationship between culture, people and nature, between context of time and location.

The proposed plan is a complex building with 10 floors and 1 semi-basement. Function blocks are arranged from bottom to top, from outside to inside according to functional needs, small spaces are arranged alternately centered on public space, shared space, creating a connection. close connection, the nature of connection inside the building. Since then, the architectural form was formed, the spaces of different sizes, sizes, heights, creating a diverse, solid, translucent, alternating combination. Office, lounge, canteen, canteen, open design, with transparent glass facade facing the sea, create an attractive working and resting space for users. Closed spaces such as studios, halls, technical rooms, traffic, etc. are arranged deep inside or covered with opaque materials, ensuring usability and optimizing the area. The public spaces are arranged in the lower floors and pushed out, making it easy to reach and limit the impact on the above workspaces.

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On the facade, functional blocks are arranged interwoven, creating courtyards, walking paths as relaxing spaces and connecting traffic horizontally and vertically, encouraging people to get close to nature. The protruding part acts as a porch to help reduce the impact of rain and sun on the lower floors. Besides, the appearance of the building is a reflection of the inner function, creating a consistent and interesting whole.

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The project is a harmonious and rational development of function and form. We can see the reflection of clouds, nature and water surface, as well as the harbors, busy cargo ships in and out of Cua Luc Bay. That was the first impression we felt of a strongly developing Ha Long.


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