The location of the bungalow is in the Palau Archipelago on Ngerkebesang Island in the Pacific Ocean at the southern edge of the Philippine Sea.

Studio Name: Uhliarik Architects
Design Team: Marek Uhliarik
Palau, the Pacific Ocean
Visualization: ARK viz

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The client had a clear vision for her investment intention on several levels, such as the layout solution, the use of building materials and ecological sensibilities.

The basic concept of the objects fulfills the client’s ideas about functional and minimalist architecture, which very sensitively complements the existing architecture on the island. The overall design of the bungalows is conceived in accordance with the principles of feng shui.

The volume solution of the buildings is characterized by a compact shape of the architecture, which consists of the geometry of the round roof and the terrace end in combination with the basic rectangular shape of the layout.

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The two-story bungalow offers three separate apartments with separate entrances, a larger one on the ground floor and two identical apartments on the first floor.

From an artistic point of view, the facades are characterized by the deliberate selection of a minimum number of materials, such as natural stone from a local source, self-cleaning plaster with a lotus effect and the aluminum facade glazing systems.

The client’s request for a maximum connection between the interior and the exterior is met by the use of a folding aluminum glass facade system, which allows the glass facade to be completely opened with a fantastic view of the sea. There is a connection between the interior and the exterior in all living spaces on both floors, including the bathroom on the ground floor.

Due to the tropical climatic zone characterized by a high amount of precipitation, the bungalows are mounted on steel pipes, which are used in the existing steep terrain configuration as elements of the building foundation.

BP-Palau by Uhliarik Architects - Sheet6
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Part of the energy concept was the use of renewable resources, namely the collection of rainwater and its reuse in technical water system, the use of photovoltaic solar panels located on the bungalow roof for the production of its own electricity.

As an architect, I used the client´s offer with great pleasure to design the architecture including the interior, which achieved a design harmony between the design of the bungalow and its interior.


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